Earlier this week, we had a Daily Brown Bag on where to begin with content marketing, but we think that breaking it down even more into 8 simple tips should help you get a content marketing strategy in place even quicker. Content marketing is only growing more and more. It's how consumers are learning about brand's, their industries, and their products. It also is the best way to work on your onsite SEO. Watch our Daily Brown Bag to learn our 8 tips for content creation, and how to get started with a solid content marketing strategy.


Hello, and welcome to the Daily Brown Bag. Today, we're going to be talking about the eight tips for excellent content creation. I'm Chad Hill, and I'm joined by Adam Stetzer.

Hey, Chad, how you doing. So, top eight tips for content creation. We were reading Marie Forleo's Q & A... great video, she's got up there to give us some inspiration. We thought we'd make our own list. This is the awesome best eight top tips for content creation, we'll dive right in, Chad.

1. Stop (and just do it)

First one is my favorite here. Stop and just do it. You have to have a routine around this, and you should do it every day we think.

Set aside time each day or how ever often you're doing your creation of content. Put it on your calendar, especially when you don't feel like it, you just have to power through, you just have to do it. Even if it's crappy. Keep in mind you can throw it out later, more often than not, just start the process, you'll feel better about it once it's done, even if you're dreading doing it.

2. Collaborate

Yeah, and our number two is to collaborate. So of course you have to come up with an idea and talk to friends. Participate on social media and discussion forums and see what's trending, and that'll be a great way to for you to figure out how you can add to those discussions. It's an excellent way for content creation ideas.

3. Listen

And finally, right from that Chad, number three on our top eight list here is listen. This is a great tip, Marie talked about it in her blog, we agree, if you use real world examples and you get questions and Q and A's from people who either are commenting or talking to you, it will make your content more engaging. So listen to who's talking to you and try and incorporate that into your content creation.

4. Read the news

Number four is read the news. So is you're looking for newsjacking is super popular these days. Again, you're looking for opportunities to add your opinion or expand on something that's covered in the news. It's a great way to get some good social shares, because it's again, adding to things that are happening in the news right now.

5. What's old is new

Number are five on our list... What's old is new. I think this one is pretty good, Chad. Because often times we're looking at topics, ah, we've already covered that, well that doesn't mean you can't cover again. And that doesn't mean you can't cover it again or you might not have a different angle or an update. Things do move in cycles and things do repeat. Again, it kind of ties into just doing it. Don't let that hold you back, and cover it.

6. Keep track

Number six, is keep track, and that means both keeping track of the content you've created, but also watching the metrics, because you want to know what's working and what's not. Are you getting comments, are you getting people to add to share your information, or not, and look for the differences in the content. Is it the news jacking content that gets shared, but the evergreen content, the how to information isn't. So really measure it and figure out how to improve the performance.

7. Stay true to who you and your brand are

That's a good one, Chad. Number seven, stay true to who you are and what your brand is. I really like this one because I think some people avoid content creation or particularly videos or audio because they're out of their comfort zone. If you stay true to how you are you won't have that problem. Do things you feel comfortable with that you know a lot about.

8. Relax

And the last one, number eight is relax. This is sometimes hard to remember because you're on camera. People are going to be watching this. You're writing a blog expressing your views, but at the end of the day, your opinion does matter. You have more expertise in your area than you think you do. So let the world know what you think and relax and have fun doing it.

So those are our top eight tips for content creation. Hopefully they're helpful, and hopefully you enjoyed this Brown Bag. I hope you'll subscribe to our YouTube channel, drop us comment, we'll see you here tomorrow.