In today's PPC web series video, Dave, Chad and Eric will be talking about the 3 things to look for when selecting a pay per click management company. There's a lot of important things your pay per click management company has to do but for today, we'll stick to the top three. Enjoy!


Hi there, welcome to our PPC web series. Today we're actually going to be talking about the three things to look for when choosing a pay per click management company. So, there's a couple things. I got Chad and Eric here. Chad's going to get started with number one.

Thanks Dave. The first thing to look for in a pay per click management company is transparency from the actual end customer to the person managing it. And what I mean by that is the dashboard. Every thing that a pay per click analyst does, you can actually see in our dashboard. Everything from whether we update ad copy, A/B test landing pages, update the keyword.

Everything is logged in a dashboard, and we show everything where some other online agencies might mask everything that they're doing behind the scenes so they don't have to be accountable. We work a little bit the opposite. We show you where you're projecting for your budget, your conversions, top Chrome keywords, most expensive keywords.

Really everything done in pay per click account, you can see in our dashboard. Whether, like I said, it's updating tasks, making ad copy changes, or even just corresponding back and forth to other departments or with our resellers. So, transparency's the biggest thing. We like to show everybody what is going on and what they're paying for.

So that's the first thing to look for in a pay per click management company. Eric's going to cover the second one.

Right. The second thing you want to look for is AdWords certified analysts. So, when you're looking for a good pay per click management company, typically, they're going to staff actual AdWords certified analysts. So what that means is they've passed both the fundamentals and an advanced series test. With that we'll know best practices to optimize a campaign, we'll know and keep updated on Google policies.

So, while you're managing your business, we'll be able to optimize a campaign and bring in the leads. And, Like Chad mentioned, any good pay per click management company is going to show you transparency. Here, we have a certain set of tasks that really are built out to keep us focused on the campaign, keep updating the ad copy, updating keywords, and making sure everything's running, and tightly organized, and really efficient fashion. So, when you're looking for a good paid search company, you want certified analysts and transparency with the workflow.


And number three, the final thing I think that's important to look for in a pay per click management company is going to be just support in actually evaluating realistic goals for your clients. So, what I like to just explain this a little bit better is going to be that, we'll actually look at the cost for conversion, cost per click, and just give you an evaluation based on what your clients are looking for or even the business they're in.

The other thing, the other piece of the puzzle is going to be looking specifically at the competition in an area and just making sure that the ROI and their marketing goals overall actually fit in with what paid search can offer. So sometimes they might be looking for a $15 cost per lead, and if that's not realistic, you're just setting yourself up for a cancellation next month.

So it's better to be frank upfront. Tell them, hey, it's going to be $50 cost per lead. If that's out of your range, not something you want to do, or if you can find an investment where you can invest those marketing dollars somewhere else, then it might make sense to do that, or if you get a lower cost per lead and still drive the opportunities.

The other thing too is just to make sure you're setting up phone tracking. And this goes in with just reaching realistic goals, because a lot of times, people will call you, not necessarily just fill out the forms. So just understand what your paid search is bringing in is another piece of the puzzle. So I think those are three big things you need to look at.

And just one more small point in this is actually going to be, listen to your analyst, because a lot of times they'll find key word suggestions and maybe you didn't think of. Maybe they have a little bit of an understanding on how the business works. And they can say, I've run a campaign similar to this before, and this specific area will convert better than maybe another area. So that's something else to look at. So I think those three things are really what you're going to need to look at when searching for a pay per click management company. Thanks for tuning in to our PPC web series. We're going to continue this on next week. And have a nice day.