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7 Ways to Keep Your Focus on Execution After the Idea

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    We've been doing a lot of changing around the office and this is largely in part of team members coming up with ideas and running with them.

    One of my favorite tips is:

    #3. Enable team members to run the business as their own.
    Every team member needs the motivation, training and authority to make day-to-day decisions without review and approval. That means milestones have to be documented, measured and desired results rewarded. The whole team is required to deliver a winning customer experience.

    02/26 at 04:30 PM (22111)
  • Member 21001 Reply

    This is a great point. It's important for employees to feel trusted and capable of carrying out their job without having somebody constantly watching over them.

    02/29 at 09:08 AM (22116)
  • Member 19075 Reply

    Very true, micromanaging is bad news.

    02/29 at 09:21 AM (22119)
  • Dave Reply

    I can tell you, having just come from a year's stint with a few tech companies who tried to micromanage every last aspect of a day's work, this office feels very results-driven and a great place for team members who like to take the bull by the horns and drive their own results. I enjoy it a lot.

    02/29 at 09:38 AM (22125)