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April 2015 Search News Headlines

  • Ellen Reply

    Search News was emailed to all resellers today. It will be sent to end-clients on Monday.

    This month's headlines are:

    Go Where the People Are

    They’re Calling it “Mobilegeddon”

    Wearable Technology is Big News Because...

    04/16 at 08:05 AM (18276)
  • Member 12229 Reply

    FYI - It doesn't look like it was properly uploaded into the template library

    04/16 at 10:25 AM (18282)
  • Ellen Reply

    Still working on the template for the admin template library :) It will be ready soon!

    04/16 at 10:42 AM (18283)
  • Ellen Reply

    April 2015 Search News is now in the admin template library. You can:

    Email it to your prospects today

    Use the content to develop an onsite blog post (or two, or three)

    04/16 at 11:48 AM (18285)
  • Chris W Reply

    First full day today after the algorithm update, has anyone received any feedback or panicked clients asking what happened to their rankings?!

    04/22 at 10:32 AM (18335)
    • Ellen Reply

      According to USA Today, "Mobilegeddon' could be bad news for 40% of top websites"

      04/22 at 11:26 AM (18337)
  • Juashua Reply

    Interesting. Good post.

    04/22 at 12:01 PM (18338)
  • Ellen Reply

    1 Day After Mobilegeddon: How Far Did the Sky Fall?

    04/23 at 08:38 AM (18347)