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Conclusion: Hire SEO Expert Help

I often think that people don't need to hire SEO expert support. If you've read my entries, you know that my core belief is that most people know what SEO activities are appropriate and need to be done daily to improve search engine ranking. While people know what needs to be done but they just don't do it. It's human nature. We get busy. But some recent events here at Semify have made me reconsider a different conclusion: Hire SEO expert support today!

So what happened? Well, it's become known as the Toyota Tundra Chattanooga incident in the office. Why? Because one of our clients, to remain nameless, was called by an unscrupulous SEO firm who promised a page 1 placement if they would hire them. As you know, we go out of our way at Semify to not promise specific placements because Google tells us that's bad. So this type of call really gets under my skin.

Well, to make matters worse, when we asked what term the SEO expert had produced as evidence of their capabilities, it was Toyota Tundra Chattanooga. Insult added to injury, this term has zero search volume. As a result it has very few web pages in the Google index. It's amazing people will fall for this. What's more amazing is that unscrupulous SEO firms will prey on the unknowing.

Well, we decided to see how fast we could rank on that same term: Toyota Tundra Chattanooga. We figured we'd hire SEO expert help: Ourselves! So we wrote an article on the topic of buying a Toyota Tundra in Chattanooga. We posted that article on our popular blog directory and article site. Then we Dugg the article. We also linked to it from our automobile blog. That was all. It took all of 10 minutes. Get this, Google had the article in position 1 of page 1 within 20 minutes for the term ! Even I was amazed by how fast this was. Google is simply an amazing technology.

But back on point. I realized that many customers just don't understand how SEO works. They probably do need to hire SEO expert assistance to know what's what. I guess it's easy to assume that everyone knows what you do. And this incident with the Toyota Tundra really drove the point home for me.