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Default Pricing

  • Mick Reply

    Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to set default pricing on all HS plans from an admin perspective?

    I want to allow my account managers and sales people to create proposals and not see HS pricing or any mark-up or have the ability to decide that the markup is (in a perfect word I could give them the power to discount by a max of x amount of x %).

    For now I would love to give them the ability to build proposals and see our default pricing only, right now we have a central person doing it so we can be sure it's done right, the only part that really concerns me is the pricing.

    Maybe I've missed something and this is possible?


    10/08 at 08:57 AM (10790)
  • Chad Reply

    On the user profile there is an option to add or remove Admin - Pricing under the Modules tab. That is done to prevent one of your sales people from seeing the wholesale price. Currently it always uses the HS suggested retail price. We do not currently have the ability for you to change the default retail price.

    10/08 at 09:05 AM (10793)
  • Mick Reply

    Hi Chad, thanks for the quick reply, yes I saw I could remove pricing but I suppose if I can't set the default pricing for retail to my own it's quite useless, seems odd we can't, is this high on the list of feature requests? Having two reseller accounts in Australia and HK my pricing is vastly different to yours in the US.


    10/08 at 09:32 AM (10796)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Hmm, if we grow this could be a useful feature in future

    10/09 at 12:42 PM (10837)
  • Chad Reply

    Yes, it is on the feature list. Ability to set your default retail. It hasn't been prioritized yet.

    10/09 at 12:47 PM (10838)