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Dentist SEO Case Study

Most of us know that it’s not enough to have an attractive, functional website. If no one can find a business online, that business will likely have trouble staying afloat. And when a competitor is getting a large share of the web traffic, something needs to change in order for a client to rise to the top.

You’ve probably already know that “something” involves SEO. Search engine optimization is a pivotal part of any digital marketing strategy. Although you might already realize you need an SEO provider for your clients (or for your own business), it’s not always easy to know which vendor to choose.

Understandably, you’ll want to feel confident that your choice of digital marketing firm will be able to deliver the results your clients want to see. That’s especially a concern for businesses operating in highly competitive industries. The dental field, for example, is an extremely saturated one. In fact, the American Dental Association estimates that there were almost 200,000 dentists working in the industry in 2018, representing 61.0 dentists per 100,000 U.S. population. The ADA also predicts these numbers will continue to increase through 2035.

While this means you might have a number of clients in this market (which is good news for your growing business!), it also means you’ll need to work with a partner to devise a strategy for success. Improving your dental client’s search rankings and web traffic isn’t impossible -- not by a long shot. But you do need to have strong data to inform your marketing decisions.

That’s why we’ve put together this SEO case study involving one of our recent success stories. You’ll find out how we helped to achieve outstanding results for a dental practice in a competitive area -- in only a short time -- with our SEO Soar plan.

Client Background

We work with resellers of various sizes; some have only a couple of main clients, while others bring on hundreds of accounts. In this case, a reseller with roughly 10 to 15 campaigns wanted to focus on one particular campaign: a dentist in Orlando, Florida.

The reseller indicated that this specific client is a leader in their industry within the Orlando area. Competitors often look to this client to see what’s next on the horizon. But despite their market influence, the client was struggling to rank on certain keywords. And while they were seen as an authority within their industry, their website wasn’t being viewed the same way by Google.

The reseller here had worked with another SEO provider in the past. The keywords they had targeted for this campaign at that time simply weren’t moving in the right direction. They also had a number of missing keywords (meaning that their site didn’t show up for those terms within the first 11 pages of SERPs). What’s more, the client’s backlink profile was relatively limited. As a result, the client’s domain rating was 0.3 upon starting their campaign with us in August of 2019.

Dentists, orthodontists, and other dental industry campaigns are relatively commonplace in our line of work. The real challenge here is that Orlando happens to be a highly competitive market for this client vertical. Still, we were confident that we could facilitate website improvements, target the right keywords, and improve the site’s domain authority with our strategy.

Our Approach

Any SEO case study example needs to provide data related to specific deliverables. For this campaign, the client opted for our SEO Soar and Local Listings offerings. Included in the SEO Soar plan are up to 20 keywords, a variety of monthly content deliverables, and an in-depth onsite report, among many other features. The onsite report involves a detailed audit of the client site, as well as specific recommendations made by our web analysts to improve ranking and conversion rates (including updating meta descriptions and title tags, fixing 404 errors, improving site loading speed, eliminating duplicate content, and more).

Although we gladly conduct keyword research for our clients, the reseller in this particular case provided us with a specific list of keywords they wanted to target. Using that list, we developed a detailed plan based on the client’s budget. We make sure to target keywords that are appropriate for the industry and budget; we don’t want our clients aren’t wasting money on keywords that are simply too competitive to produce realistic results or that don’t receive enough search volume to make a substantial difference in leads and conversions.

Selecting the optimal keywords represents just one piece of the puzzle. Within the SEO Soar plan are a number of key content deliverables. Among these deliverables are monthly on-site blogs and customized images, on-site web copy, off-site articles, and off-site featured news stories. In this case, Pay-Per-Click advertising was being handled in-house by our client, which means we could solely focus on building organic traffic.

The combination of on-site and off-site work here is essential for long-term SEO success. In this instance, our team recommended that the first month of deliverables be devoted to on-site improvements (with subsequent, ongoing blog posts to target keywords and keep the site’s content fresh). After that initial period, however, off-site work became a major focus. Since this client had only 103 backlinks from 47 referring domains, we felt it was important to put a concerted effort into backlinking.

We began executing our backlinking strategy around three to four weeks after implementing the recommendations outlined in the onsite report. While we offer a number of options for backlinking, there were two main deliverables here that served different purposes. While our off-site articles are posted on industry-specific sites an include anchor text specific to the client’s targeted keyword list, our news stories take a more journalistic approach to content and are posted on sites within our publishing partner network. These publishers are vetted for quality and have high domain ratings. Together, these two off-site deliverables work to improve the backlink profile for a given client. The anchor text included in the off-site articles are more specialized, while the links that appear in news stories are obtained from highly reputable sites. A mixture of the two translates to a more diverse backlink profile and improved authority overall.

The Results

Although SEO is meant to be a long-term solution and isn’t intended to provide immediate results, our local SEO case study reveals that this campaign still experienced an impressive amount of growth in a short time. Organic website visits increased from 593 in August (the campaign’s first full month with us) to 896 in January. Many of the client’s keywords showed massive improvements, as well. The search term “affordable braces orlando fl” has jumped from the ninth spot on the second page of SERPs to the second spot on page one. In addition, two of the campaign’s “missing” keywords saw major movement. All told, five of the client’s nine target keywords can now be found in positions on the first page of search results.

The end client’s domain rating and backlink profile saw massive gains, as well. In less than six months, our team was able to obtain almost 60 links for this client and increased their referring domains to 66. The client’s domain rating also moved from a 0.3 to a 2. While that might not sound like much, it’s a major improvement within a short period. (Have questions about domain rating ? Check out our post explaining how DRs are calculated!)

Overall, the first six months of this particular dental campaign show a lot of promise. It’s still in the early stages, but it’s clear that the campaign is finally experiencing the momentum the client wants to see and that our strategy will only help them to grow. In the coming months, we’ll continue to create fresh content, seek out more opportunities for backlinking, and make adjustments to target keywords to ensure long-term success.

Of course, this particular client isn’t the only one operating in the dental vertical that has shown immense growth. Our SEO case study also includes a couple of other examples of campaigns in this industry that have been set up for ongoing gains.

As you can see from the charts included in this dental SEO case study, we’ve seen major movement for several clients operating in this industry. Each client has come in with their own set of goals and challenges, but it’s clear that investing in a long-term strategy has paid off.

How We Can Help SEO Resellers

Many SEO strategies utilize similar tactics, but that doesn’t mean you can approach every client campaign the same way. Our search engine optimization case study proves that you need an intimate understanding of the client’s industry and their location, reliable tools for keyword research and budgeting, a variety of high-quality deliverables, and the ability to customize a strategy to fit a client’s needs. What works for dental clients won’t necessarily translate to clients from other industries -- or even other clients within the same industry! -- without adjustment.

You may already know your client’s goals and the unique challenges they face, but we have the experience, the tools, and the team to execute and monitor the strategy. Our hands-on approach and learning mindset means that we’re not only invested in the success of your clients -- but we’re invested in the success of your business, too.

If the data outlined in this SEO case study resonated with you -- or you’re eager to gain insight into your clients operating in similar industries -- it might be time to consider a white label SEO agency. Ready to learn more about our SEO Soar plan and the other services we offer? Book a welcome call with us today to get to know our team.

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