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FEATURE REQUEST: Easily Jump Between Campaigns

  • AdamUK Reply

    I'd like a very simple update to the dashboard that enables me to jump to a different campaign in a single click.

    For example, just now I am entering writing instructions for a new client. I wanted to check what I had added for a different existing client to give me an idea of format. Right now I have to 'release' the campaign I'm looking at and then start typing the name to find the other client and it's kind of annoying me, LOL.

    I'd like to see a simple dropdown that essentially takes me to the exact same page and tab for a client of my choosing.

    Would this be possible and does anyone else think this is a good idea?


    09/25 at 09:45 AM (10444)
  • Return On Now Reply

    Agreed - good idea. This would be a big help for usability purposes on the dashboard on behalf of resellers.

    09/25 at 10:12 AM (10445)
  • AdamUK Reply

    Thanks for the +1

    BTW, @forum admin, sorry for the double post. I got a message saying I was not to us 'drop' in the post so I hit the back button and removed it from the post title then submitted only to discover both posts are live. Not my fault, honest... ;-D Please remove the other thread. Thanks.

    09/25 at 10:38 AM (10446)
  • Andy Reply

    Great Idea Adam. I think I dropped down box for you specific campaigns would make life easier. Right now I know were working on a lot of enhancements for the SEO tab so something like this may take some time to come to fruition.

    09/25 at 04:17 PM (10460)
  • Aqeel Reply

    In case you're not already aware, we're having a webinar on Thursday (Oct 24) at 3pm EDT to address this concern!

    Register for the webinar, and take the pre-webinar survey to let us know which feature requests are most important to you.

    10/22 at 02:53 PM (11091)