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Facebook ad targeting: every possible option available

  • Katy S Reply

    "There are literally tens of thousands Facebook ad targeting options that go beyond basics like age, gender, and language."

    07/13 at 03:19 PM (23264)
  • Amanda Reply

    I am the least surprised.

    There is a reason why Facebook will bother you almost daily to update your information if you purposely don't put where you work, what school you go/went to, where you live, etc. So you get annoyed enough to put that in, and then they track it.

    Surprise, surprise. And I'm sure it works everyday too.

    07/13 at 04:28 PM (23265)
  • Angelina Marie Reply

    I love FB Ads! They work!

    07/14 at 11:11 AM (23266)