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Free SEO Consultation with Dr Adam Stetzer

Adam Stetzer, Ph.D.

10 years experience in SEO
CEO of a top White Label SEO Reseller firm
Search Engine Watch column for 4 years
Published at Academy of Management Journal - full background here
Loves to help small businesses
Just a really nice guy (at least, I really try)
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And you want to be effective.

You are not alone.

Marketers are putting more budget to SEO and Content Marketing.

Maybe you don't.

If you are seeking an SEO consult, I suspect you could use more business.

The competition is steep.

You have to figure something out to win.

Most B2B marketers are not even sure what content marketing success looks like.


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Which is why we are so transparent in our business.

Let's jump on a video chat and spend some time discussing SEO.

It's fun!


How The Free SEO Consultation Works

Step 1

Read about me

Do your research and decide if spending time talking to me is something that would benefit both of us. Review my case studies, professional background and personal style. Chad and I have shot hundreds of videos over the last 10 years. Watch a few! Adam's LinkedIn Profile.

Step 2

Book A Consultation on My Calendar

As you can imagine, I talk to many, many people - every day. My calendar is very tight, but there is usually a slot available. Pick a time that works for you and plan to video chat via Google Hangouts during our appointment. I believe that face-to-face contact is the best way to form relationships.

Step 3

We Video Chat About SEO

During our appointment, we will have a very casual discussion about what you are trying to do with SEO. If you want, I can look at your website and tell you what I see. I am also happy to look at your backlink profile and rankings. We can pull up ahrefs and SEMRush together and discuss the data. Most of all, I'd like to know how you think I can help you? What are your current challenges? What have you tried? What are your goals?


We might even find a backlink for your website ;-)


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