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Google Breaks Own Record for US search market share -- nearly 70%

  • Renee Reply

    This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone, but the October 2012 search engine ranking data from comScore was just released and Google broke its own record with 66.9% of the US search market share.

    Runners up:
    Bing: 14.8 percent
    Yahoo: 12.2 percent

    comScore Releases October 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

    Search Engine Watch:
    Google Smashes U.S. Search Market Share Record, Closes in on 70%

    11/21 at 11:13 AM (4035)
  • Nigel Reply

    WOW! the Bing challenge says 66.9%

    11/21 at 11:22 AM (4036)
  • Chris B. Reply

    That's much lower than I had expected. I though for sure Google would be in the neighborhood of about 80%

    11/21 at 11:38 AM (4037)
  • Jenna Reply

    Actually, Bing is at 16% of market share in October 2012. It was 14.8% October 2011. Bing is hustlin'!

    11/21 at 02:17 PM (4038)
  • Dave Reply

    Runners up with less than 30% market share between them both.

    They are moving forward, I will give them that, but how do you catch up to a behemoth like Google

    11/21 at 02:42 PM (4039)
  • Eric R Reply

    They gotta get people off of the phrase "Google it" and come up with a new phrase that catches on

    11/21 at 02:46 PM (4041)
  • Nick Reply

    When you verbify a noun, you automatically come out as the frontrunner. Fact.

    11/21 at 04:54 PM (4054)
  • Chad F Reply

    Whens the last time you heard someone say I am going to "Bing It"?

    11/26 at 09:43 AM (4057)
  • Josh Reply

    Google definitely has the advantage there. It's almost muscle memory for me at this point - that and I use Chrome, so whenever I need to search something I just throw my query into the URL bar.

    11/26 at 10:48 AM (4058)
  • Nick Reply

    ^ same. I've gotten really used to searching right in the URL bar.

    11/26 at 10:54 AM (4060)