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Google: No more keyword data

  • Aqeel Reply

    Google has switched all searches to encrypted searches using HTTPS, meaning no more keyword data for site owners. Google hasn't said anything about this yet, but people are noticing it in their analytics...

    Goodbye, Keyword Data: Google Moves Entirely to Secure Search

    09/23 at 01:56 PM (10354)
  • Adam Reply

    Wow. What next? Google ID Tattoos?

    The farm is getting restless and Snowball is scheming.

    09/23 at 02:03 PM (10355)
  • Jeremy S Reply

    Everyone kind of had to see this coming.

    09/23 at 02:16 PM (10356)
  • Bill F Reply

    I wonder if there is some kind of browser extension that can attach the keyword to the URL or something? It would require people to voluntarily participate, obviously, but... that might be the last line of offense in getting data back from the encompassing Not Provided

    09/23 at 02:44 PM (10358)
  • Jason G. Reply

    [quote]Adam said: Wow. What next? Google ID Tattoos?

    The farm is getting restless and Snowball is scheming.


    Any time we can get an Animal Farm reference in the forum i am all for it and this is great news for Bing and Yahoo though....

    09/23 at 02:58 PM (10359)
  • Jeremy S Reply

    The only problem with it being great news for Bing and Yahoo is that the average user has no idea any of this even happens. They just use the search engine they like and remain oblivious to our problems with keywords, so I don't think it will change anything on that end. Believe me, we've always seen better conversions on Bing so if I could get more people to use Bing I'd be all over it.

    09/23 at 03:03 PM (10360)
  • Renee Reply

    eConsultancy shows that as of today, 92.3% not provided.

    A site called notprovidedcount (uses Google Analytics data from 60 sites) has a live count at 73.93% and predicts it will be at 100% by December 11.

    09/23 at 03:07 PM (10362)
  • Chad Reply

    This day has been coming for a while. I actually read an article that the NSA and Snowden stuff had made Google accelerate their movement to SSL and encrypting all data transfers. I actually think this change is more about overall privacy and security than robbing the online marketing industry of a much loved metric.

    You can still get keyword stats in Adwords :)

    09/23 at 03:09 PM (10363)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    What if we are not doing Adwords campaigns? My newest client is specifically interested in how his keywords will perform with this new campaign. How I am I supposed to tell him that we will not be able to track that anymore?

    09/23 at 06:12 PM (10377)
  • Adam Reply

    This is why we are pushing REMARKETING / RETARGETING so hard... It is a VERY inexpensive way to bring a tiny bit of PPC to your SEO campaigns....

    Using REMARKEING - and our new Sales Tracking Map (which combines Web-To-Leads and Phone Calls) - You can replace the missing keyword data with sales lead data. Very good for customer retention.

    09/23 at 06:14 PM (10378)