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Google Tells Us How To Rank

Okay. That title was over-stated. But I do think that Matt Cutts gives little clues here and there and you should pay attention. In the video below, Google talks about why some blog posts shoot up the rankings, but then settle to a lower position later. If you listen closely, you will hear him talk about different types of queries: Those that deserve freshness and those that are more evergreen. This is an important SEO concept to think about.

As you form a high-quality content marketing strategy, you should define your target clearly. If you are trying to rank content in an evergreen keyword space you should recognize that this is harder than trying to ride a news cycle. As Google points out in the video above, for queries that deserve freshness, they will allow very new content to zoom to the top. Even though this content it will probably not stay on page 1, this is great news for content marketing, branding and NewsJacking. In other words, not every ranking you chase needs to be your head term. Use this smaller opportunities for brand mentions and link bait. Google sees them too and will reward your domain.

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  • Adam Reply

    I also think this is good stuff to think about with Penguin 2.0 coming soon.

    04/09 at 01:25 PM
  • Renee Reply

    This is a good reminder, Adam. I think it's easy to get stuck in the mind set that everything you target has to be huge and competitive. Looking for small, timely opportunities for content marketing has benefits for SEO, community building, link building, social media and establishing credibility and authority in your industry.

    04/09 at 01:30 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Right. And the little stuff counts... Build authority on little terms and watch what happens to your head term along the way.

    04/10 at 12:46 PM
  • Fiore Reply

    I'm a big fan of Matt Cutts. He has a nack for simplifying very complex topics

    04/10 at 01:21 PM
  • Matt Reply

    I think it is a bit ironic and humorous to note that Europe (the continent) is going after Google for showing favoritism for their own properties according to this piece in the Financial Times

    I guess one way to rank is to be a Google property.

    I guess we need a service plan to help companies get acquired by Google.

    04/10 at 02:26 PM
  • Matt Reply

    Just to clarify...Google is showing favoritism in terms of link placement (i.e rankings)

    04/10 at 02:29 PM

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