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Groupon Now Has Coupons

  • Chris T Reply

    Groupon now has a coupon section, with more than 25000 coupons on their site.
    (news article HERE)

    Check it out and report back with what you think!

    Groupon Freebies!

    11/21 at 10:21 AM (11714)
  • Ashley B Reply

    Wow, this feature is awesome!!! I think that Groupon is definitely going to get a lot more followers, especially since it is offering coupons for well-known stores like- Petsmart, Target, Macy*s, Lowe's, etc.

    11/21 at 10:33 AM (11715)
  • Member 8287 Reply

    This is a smart move, especially with the holiday shopping season coming up. Kudos, Groupon!

    11/21 at 11:13 AM (11717)
  • Ashley B Reply

    That’s so true! It is impeccable timing for Groupon to add a coupon section because the holiday shopping season is around the corner. “Black Friday” shoppers can now capitalize off this option and get some great discounts.

    11/21 at 05:26 PM (11738)
  • Aqeel Reply

    What a nightmare for LivingSocial...I have friends that work there, and the company is really struggling to keep up. I'm sure this feature is going to hurt them a lot

    11/22 at 09:03 AM (11741)
  • Brian Long Reply

    Glad to see Groupon continue to innovate to adapt and survive. I know that there was a moment or two where their situation was touch-and-go in the market, but this should definitely attract more users. Great move!

    11/22 at 11:42 AM (11752)
  • Leanne Reply

    Sweet coupons. I approve. I may have to buy my gifts full price, though, because I can't stop looking at coupons for me.

    11/26 at 01:06 PM (11798)
  • Ashley B Reply

    These coupons look even better today than they did the last time I checked because of the Cyber Monday deals :)

    12/02 at 11:31 AM (11848)
  • Brian Long Reply

    [quote] said: These coupons look even better today than they did the last time I checked because of the Cyber Monday deals :)


    Cyber Monday deals are amazing. I avoided Black Friday shopping like the Black Plague, so this will be my go-to option!

    12/02 at 01:07 PM (11855)
  • Ashley B Reply

    Awesome! It was smart of you to avoid Black Friday shopping like the Black Plague!! haha. I waited until late on Friday to go shopping, but there were still a lot of people shopping. I didn't find many amazing deals on Friday either, so I'm definitely going to be checking out Cyber Monday deals.

    12/02 at 01:35 PM (11857)