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Help your client get the most out of Press Release interviews

  • Angelina Marie Reply

    We understand that your client's are super busy, and that sometimes thinking of press worthy topics each month may be difficult. I like to look at the press release as an added value service. Yes, it is built into a lot of plans, and yes, if there is "nothing" to talk about, we will redirect it to a Featured News piece of content so the client doesn't lose out on content. But when the opportunity to do a press release is available, make sure your client has a well thought out plan to help boost their brand awareness and public image. This is an opportunity to boast about what awesome things the company is doing, how it is helping people, where the company is heading. Ksenia Chabanenko is a contributor to and has highlighted 4 tips on nailing an interview with the press.

    1. Let your passion shine.
    2. Manage the curveballs.
    3. Triple check all details.
    4. Be proactive.

    Each of these tips go into greater detail at

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