If you’re part of an SEO reseller program, you’ll find that many things about search engine optimization will stay the same this year. As always, the goal of white label SEO will be to provide effective and affordable outsourced SEO services -- letting experts take care of the details while you focus on growing your business.

However, SEO is always evolving, and it’s good to keep on top of where it’s headed in the months to come.

Here’s what you should know:

Usability Must Be Prioritized on All Websites

Any business with an eye on SEO has seen the rising importance of the mobile user experience in the past year; Google has now officially confirmed that mobile usability will factor into rankings for mobile searches starting in April. But even beyond SEO, there’s expected to be an increased demand for new, optimized websites as businesses keep up with consumer demands for websites that are easier to use across a multiplicity of devices.

Google Will Be Cracking Down on Some Links

Google will probably be policing links more heavily than ever in 2015, which means optimizers will need to stay on top of removing spammy links and building reputable ones. Certain types of links previously thought of as being in the realm of “gray hat” SEO -- neither explicitly condemned nor completely upfront -- such as syndicated guest blogging are likely to be deprioritized this year, so businesses shouldn’t be relying on those types of links to bolster their rankings. It will largely be up to SEO resellers to convince their clients that it’s better to take the time to create fewer, higher-quality links, rather than hoping for quick payoffs.

Content Marketing Will Be Bigger Than Ever

Content marketing will be the key to earning quality links moving forward. More than three-quarters of SEO marketers use content creation in their campaigns, and a full 92% of marketers rate content creation as being either “somewhat” or “very” effective for SEO purposes. One major upside of this growing trend -- and one that will almost certainly make it easier for white label SEO resellers to pitch content marketing to prospective clients -- is that content creation strategies directly target potential customers, too. About 61% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a business that has custom content.

Social and SEO Will Continue to Merge

Social factors will become increasingly important to SEO on several levels in 2015. Most directly, social media sharing is expected to become more influential in rankings. Google even recently made a deal with Twitter so that tweets will appear in real time in search engine results. But indirectly, social media is a vital part of creating a loyal following for a business blog, and that readership will translate into better rankings, too.

Marketers Will Be Expected to Get Creative

As even smaller business become more and more familiar with the basics of SEO and digital marketing in general, the question optimizers and SEO resellers will have to answer will turn from “Why does SEO matter?” to “Why should I choose your business to handle my SEO?” That’s likely to require better selling skills, more in-depth product knowledge, and the willingness to experiment and go out on a limb for clients.

What else should SEO resellers be looking out for as 2015 progresses? Share your thoughts or ask questions in the comments.

By: Karleanne Matthews