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How Many Searches Does Google Handle? Over 2 Trillion

  • Renee Reply

    For the first time since 2012, Google provided an estimate of how many searches it processes per year.
    (It was 1.2 trillion back in 2012).

    It's more than 2 trillion, because Google used the word "trillions." But it wouldn't get more specific than that.

    Danny Sullivan says it's "at least 2 trillion and less than a quadrillion."

    Search Engine Land:
    Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year

    05/25 at 02:23 PM (23213)
  • Amanda Reply

    That number seems absurd, but just thinking about how much I use it a day in a work related capacity, it's also completely believable.

    06/09 at 03:38 PM (23235)
  • Bill F Reply

    Even 100 trillion wouldn't be too far out of the range of reason, with 7 billion people on earth, and half of them having internet access. Assuming the average Googler makes only 50 searches per day, that would still be 18000 per person per year, that would be 63 trillion searches, a number that will only rise as the rest of the world's human population (and eventually AI population - for example, how many times per day will a self driving car query Google Maps) start searching too...

    06/13 at 12:49 PM (23238)
    • Amanda Reply

      Agreed. When I was looking at that number, all I could think about is the number of people who Google things just because they are bored.

      06/13 at 05:21 PM (23246)