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How To Start a Video Blog For Your Small Biz [INFOGRAPHIC]

Semify's website has seen large gains in website traffic since the launch of our daily Brown Bag Video Blog Series. In this series our CEO, Chad Hill, and President, Adam Stetzer, shoot super short videos discussing a very specific topic in online marketing. Oftentimes, they choose to answer questions posted by clients in our forum. These videos are content marketing GOLD and they are easy and inexpensive for other small businesses to execute. We'd like to show you how with this infographic produced by one of our newest employees, Aleks. Remember to check out our 3 minute video blog ON How To Video Blog.

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  • Jesse Reply

    Terrific infographic. It lays it out perfectly, and is very easy to follow. This should be a great way for small business owners to learn about the benefits of a video blog!

    04/26 at 12:45 PM
  • Carissa Reply

    this is great. can we send it to our resellers? is it downloadable? I am not sure I fully understand infographics yet; they're great one sheets, but this looks a bit long to dl.

    04/26 at 01:24 PM
  • Aleks Reply

    Yeah, I'm still not sure about how to host them and use them yet. Just making them for now. Chris will let us know soon.

    04/26 at 02:21 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Very nice work here... TONS of information about how to VIDEO SEO...

    04/26 at 02:24 PM
  • Terrance Reply

    Yes, what a skillful team we have. I can't wait to start shooting emails to my Resellers with these helpful tips.

    04/26 at 02:57 PM
  • Matt Reply

    I have had a front row seat watching video blogging work. It provides great value to users and is great quality content to show off on any site

    04/26 at 09:22 PM
  • Chris Reply

    The infographics are hosted on Amazon's S3 cloud environment. If you right click on the image here in this post and "open image in a new tab" your browser's address bar will have the permanent URL that you can copy and share. This particular file size is less than 800k. Easily an email attachment.

    04/29 at 10:15 AM
  • Renee Reply

    If any of your clients are on Pinterest, they can also share it from there. It's on the HubShout "Content Marketing" board.

    Nice work, Aleks!

    04/29 at 10:39 AM
  • Nick Reply

    Love infographics, and this one is really snazzy (and informative)!

    04/29 at 11:23 AM
  • Aleks Reply

    Thank you all, and thank you Chris for explaining that.

    04/29 at 03:29 PM
  • Reply

    I love the infographics! Super easy to follow and a welcome break from large chunks of texts. It looks awesome!

    04/30 at 11:42 AM
  • Reply

    Do you guys always host your videos on Wistia as opposed to copying and pasting the youtube embed code directly into your blog post?

    05/22 at 09:16 AM
  • Jenna Reply

    Hi, to the most recent comment on here -- yes, we always use Wistia.

    06/11 at 04:48 PM

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