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Local Campaigns vs none local (SEO)

  • AdamUK Reply

    Hey Adam, I'm in the UK but our company is a US company. I actually have no difficulty with phone calls as I run calls through a US number and annual unlimited call setup through Skype to the US. The only problem I have with phone calls is the time difference as I am 5 hours ahead. Obviously this time difference would be a greater issue for someone in Australia.

    Regarding the Google Places, I don't think it would be a big deal for me to verify Google Places for any UK clients if I had some (I don't at the minute).

    With these two workarounds I can do, does this mean I am in a good position to provide Local SEO services to clients here in the UK? I need to be sure using HS for UK clients will get them a quality solution. What do you think?

    Also, can PPC still be effective for UK clients?

    I imagine my questions apply for an Australian reseller too.


    10/01 at 10:35 AM (10600)