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Long Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are, as their name implies, longer and more specific phrases and queries that search engine users enter when they are looking for a certain business or are close to making a purchase. Unlike other keywords, they aren't used to bring awareness to brands among people unfamiliar with them.

And while using long-tail keywords in your SEO campaign may feel counter-intuitive, these keywords can actually provide significant benefits when used properly.

What does a long-tail keyword look like? Rather than using a more broad keyword like "search engine optimization," you might use "in-house SEO content writing."

Because there is less competition for these long, specific keywords, long-tail keywords boast a better conversion rate than other, more generic ones. And while these keywords do generate less traffic than some of the more popular ones, bringing 100 web users who ultimately purchase something from you to your website is more beneficial than 1,000 web users who stay on your website for just a minute or two.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should completely abandon all your other keywords that aren't long-tail keywords. A combination of both long-tail and broad, non-specific keywords can generate the right mix of organic web traffic, high search engine rankings and consumer purchases.