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Millennials Coming of Age Interactive Infographic

  • kyleg Reply

    I think it's pretty safe to say that part of the reason millennials are hesitant to make big purchases like cars and houses at an early age is a result of ridiculously high student loans.

    01/13 at 03:30 PM (21558)
  • Tim Reply

    Seriously Kyle, I've written a few pieces making fun of those trends articles, "Why Aren't Millennials Buying Houses??? They Must Just Love The Urban Lifestyle!" "Why Aren't Millennials Doing X?" Any article like that that doesn't talk about student loans or the recession in the first two paragraphs loses me.

    01/13 at 05:28 PM (21560)
    • Mari Reply

      true. I don't think the infographic really says "why" reluctance happens (money !!!) but it makes a good point that the sheer size of the population means that eventually, home buying will go up.

      I think it's likely also true that financial restraints can dictate cultural shifts. I'm loan-less at the moment but when everyone around me has the restraints of loans it feels "normal" anyway not to care about owning a home, a new car, etc.

      01/14 at 09:39 AM (21563)
    • Donato Reply

      So true. It's starting to get more play lately but I don't think it can be understated that we're (Millennials) the first generation since the Great Depression/Greatest generation that's financially worse off than their parents and it's only going to get worse when the market (like it's starting to do now) corrects itself from the long-term manipulative policies of the Fed (i.e. holding interest rates low for so long; devaluation of the dollar).

      I'm convinced one of the main reasons as far as tuition/loans can be traced back to the fallacy of the importance of a college education that was perpetuated to us growing up. Sure, it's great for many fields and people but it just doesn't make sense for everyone and all professions, like we were sold on. Simple supply and demand = the cost skyrockets...

      01/18 at 11:22 AM (21621)
  • Zach aka The Rogue Cowboy Reply

    This is pretty interesting. I had no idea I was a millennial!

    01/14 at 10:43 AM (21564)
  • Chris S Reply

    Largest generation was news to me - although between my wife and I, we added four people to it! Great food for thought. Each generation has unique circumstances that shape it.

    01/14 at 11:59 AM (21567)
  • Josh B. Reply

    Very interesting to see how technology has changed the way that we do things, and how trends/beliefs change over time as well.

    01/14 at 02:58 PM (21570)
  • chelley Reply

    Interesting infographic learned some things I didn't know.

    01/14 at 04:33 PM (21571)
  • Member 20279 Reply

    I spent more time playing with the interactive features on the infographic than I did actually reading it... Oops.

    01/14 at 05:10 PM (21572)