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Pay Per Click Management for Resellers

Semify offers both SEO and PPC services for our resellers and their clients. We have recently revamped our PPC reporting tools. Our primary goal with our PPC tool is to incorporate rich PPC data into our existing private labeled dashboards. This gives our resellers the ability to offer a real-time reporting tool for their end customers. Holding the SEO and PPC data in one database also gives us the ability to even email monthly reports to your clients with your logo automatically.

The first screen below shows our PPC summary screen. Your client can select form one of two goal orientations: 1) Cost / conversion or 2) Clicks. Every client must clearly state their goal in order for us to manage their account. The screen below shows the client's goal and our actuals.

Semify Reports

In addition to our benchmark screen, we also offer a full ad-hoc query building tool. This tool allows the user to quickly select the sources of data (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are supported) as well as define the roll-up and columns to view.

Semify Reports

All of the data in the reports can be summarized and sent as a monthly report to your clients. This monthly report feature can save up to 1 - 2 hours of time each month.