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Press release SEO [VIDEO]

Today we're talking about the SEO press release. Over the past few years there has been a lot of debate on press releases and seo. Google has maintained that backlinks from press releases do not help rankings. But, some very interesting experiments about the backlink value from these press releases tells a different story. Watch the video and learn how you can optimize your press releases for seo.


Hello and welcome to our video on press release SEO. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me today.

Hey, good afternoon, Chad. We're talking about the SEO press release. A lot of debate about this topic if you've been following it over the last couple of years. Google has maintained basically that backlinks nested inside of press releases really do not help your rankings. But we see people do some very interesting experiments to look at press release SEO, specifically the backlink value from these press releases.

And they found that they do actually help. Some really interesting studies, most recently one published on Search Engine Land actually put backlinks to Matt Cutts's own blog using anchor text he doesn't have on the blog. And just using press releases, was able to get that blog to rank on this specific term.

So there's empirical evidence that shows that press release optimization does have SEO value. I'd like to talk a little bit for our viewers today about, what is an appropriate way to weave seo press releases into your SEO strategy? And how should you position press releases? How should you be doing them?

Well, I think there's two main points there. The one is that a press release is a great way for you to do a little brand building. And so the seo press release is always a great way to talk about specific things that are happening at your company that are newsworthy, that allow you to talk about your company, as well as use some of the keywords or the areas that you want to explore from a content standpoint.

So the seo press release is really good there, compared to some other tactics we've talked about in the past, like infographics, or how to articles, which tend to be a little bit less specific to a company and what your specific message is, and a little bit more generic.

Right, and we've been talking a lot about building brand and working on branded signals. There's a lot of evidence that that helps your SEO too. We're saying that backlinks in a press release are good. There is such a thing as press releases and seo going hand in hand. But also, building those branded signals is also helpful.

So that's builds the case. So how often should you do them? How should you look for sites where you should put them? How do you weave press release optimization into your SEO strategy?

Right. Well, I think that the first thing there is you want to always make sure that you're putting forth interesting and compelling information. Some companies are moving very fast and have a lot of new stuff happening at their company. And so you might be able to do a couple seo press releases a month.

Other companies might really have something that they're doing a little less frequently. So I don't think you want to push press release seo to the fact where you're inventing news. You want to be using relevant and real information. So I think that seo press releases depend on the company, and how fast you're moving, and how much your industry is changing.

I do want to say one of the other really interesting things we talked a lot about is how this is a good example of how you don't always necessarily have to think about press release seo or how press release optimization is part of your SEO program. But really, this is a great opportunity to say that what you're already doing for your business as just standard public relations, you can add in the SEO component so that you're not-- so that actually, you're incorporating SEO into every part of your business, rather than having one person or a department who's just doing all of the SEO.

Yeah, so this is an excellent point. It's very consistent with our core message which is put the end user first, put the message first. Really be broadcasting value. And when it comes to a press release SEO strategy, same is true here.

Don't run out and do 500 press releases because you heard that those backlinks actually count. That probably crosses the line and becomes spammy. But we are saying if you're not doing good PR for yourself in the form of press releases, you're missing an opportunity for good SEO. And as Chad said, get that going. And then, do it in a way that's SEO friendly.

Think about that, if you have an opportunity to release those seo press releases on different press release sites, so you get a variety of backlinks from different root domains, that's excellent. But again, always have something very valuable to say. And don't overdo it. Weave it into your online marketing strategy. And you'll find that that helps your ranking, as well.

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  • Jesse Reply

    Terrific video. While press releases are nothing new, a lot of people may not consider them when it comes to their online marketing campaign.

    05/30 at 08:17 AM
  • Reply

    Great video. I agree with Jesse- I think people tend to lump press releases in with traditional marketing rather than online marketing. It is definitely a great tool to generate some buzz about your business, in an SEO friendly way.

    05/30 at 08:56 AM
  • Breylin Reply

    I never really paid attention to press releases; I will now.

    05/30 at 09:33 AM
  • Tom Reply

    Awesome video. I great way to make SEO a into every part of business with having to really change much

    05/30 at 09:52 AM
  • Eric R Reply

    If there is evidence that press releases do have SEO value (quality content press releases), I wonder if people say PR links are bad just because they don't want the competition to get ahead. I guess if you're just using press releases for the sole reason of getting that back-link, then you're probably not using it right. Promote the business with good content, and see the link as an extra benefit.

    05/30 at 09:57 AM
  • Nick Reply

    Press releases have always been a valuable marketing tool, when used correctly. It's good to see that they have value in the online marketing arena as well.

    05/30 at 10:59 AM
  • Jason G. Reply

    As Always the content is the driver. With quality work comes quality results. It really is that simple.

    05/30 at 11:50 AM
  • Jason G. Reply

    Have content in your press release, not a press release just for the sake of having a release.

    05/30 at 01:34 PM
  • Bill F Reply

    The press release brings in the branding aspect into SEO - while a blog post or article carries content meant to inform, this is the place for content to promote, both in its own right to human readers and also to the search engines. Once again, content is King; having new methods to distribute your content, and new venues to display it, will only help you!

    05/30 at 05:54 PM
  • Matt Reply

    A press release can provide a new dimension to a standard SEO campaign, it is also a great deliverable that a client will love.

    05/30 at 08:43 PM
  • Chris B. Reply

    I also wondered about Press Releases. Great to know they still have SEO value.

    05/31 at 09:09 AM
  • Renee Reply

    You underscored something important about press releases: A press release should be used when you have something newsworthy to announce -- new product line, an award/recognition, a new office, etc. Have a purpose. If you don't have one, don't write a press release.

    05/31 at 01:59 PM
  • Reply

    I've used press releases and they do draw a lot of attention

    05/31 at 05:21 PM
  • Chris Reply

    A great way to diversify, and as noted,far less spammy looking.

    05/31 at 05:56 PM
  • Aleks Reply

    Nice! Good to know that Press Releases can help your SEO.

    06/03 at 02:28 PM
  • Chad Reply

    Press releases are yet another way to diversify your online marketing and are a great boost for branded mentions.

    06/03 at 10:03 PM
  • Terrance Reply

    I remember going over this before and it really does help just do it in moderation like everything else of course.

    06/16 at 11:22 AM
  • Richelle A. Reply

    I would be curious to hear your thoughts since the Jan 20th update which pretty much discredited press releases to some degree. I still believe that they have a place in seo and that press releases are not necessarily written fro the news outlets as much as they are for customers. Press releases can still be used, if done correctly.

    02/24 at 06:24 PM

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