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Results and Appropriate Pricing

  • Member 4032 Reply

    So if a client is on a low budget and has to go with keywords that have less results, does that mean they will never rank within, let's say... the top 3 within their competitors? I understand that higher plans get them more keywords and overall more content marketing, but does the little guy see improvement and never make it to the top? If so, I need to know how to explain that to them.

    Also, what if a potential client is already ranking pretty good, but is not willing to spend much on a plan... is it a waste of time putting them on a cheaper plan?

    04/25 at 12:17 AM (6587)
  • AdamUK Reply

    These are some good questions and I'm interested to see what people answer with.

    One thing I would explain to the client is how varied the approach to SEO is today and maybe give them some pointers on what they can do that will benefit the package they can afford. For example, if they go with the Starter package you could instruct them to start a blog themselves and post a few times a week, share and network with the blog posts on social media.

    04/25 at 06:40 AM (6588)
  • Brian J. Wilhelm Reply

    Great points

    04/25 at 08:38 AM (6593)
  • Member 4032 Reply

    I was really hoping to get some more feedback on this. Thanks for your input AdamUK.

    04/26 at 05:07 PM (6683)