Content Marketing has been said to be the new SEO. Is that true? Content marketing is a great way of creating content and interesting information that you can share with other people, and then earn links back to your website, ultimately helping your website ranking. Watch the video below to learn about what really is SEO content marketing, how it works, and how you can execute a successful content marketing SEO plan.


Hello and welcome to our SEO content marketing video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Stetzer with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. It's an interesting topic today. You read just about every blog you're looking at in 2013 saying that link building is dead. Content marketing is the new SEO. So I thought we'd explore that in today's video. What really is SEO content marketing?

Great question. We do know that things have changed and that the days of just focusing on lots and lots of links and directory submissions and the like are over, and that now everyone needs to be focusing on quality. And content marketing really is a great way of creating content and interesting information that you can share with other people, and then earn links back to your website so that there's sort of a-- you're putting out interesting information and getting links back your website, which ultimately helps your website rank.

So content marketing SEO is really sort of a new strategy then, for disseminating information as well as earning links back and ultimately increasing your ranking? But it's different in that it focuses more on the content than the links? Is that what you're saying?

Yeah, absolutely. Again, I think you really have to focus on creating compelling information that is useful and that people are interested in reading. And then that, in turn, will earn links back to the website so that you can still ultimately have that secondary audience which comes from the search engines. But you kind of have to shift your focus away from that being the primary audience, and also to thinking about the end user who's reading the content, and making sure that it really helps that person out as well.

So that's a little bit confusing. Because SEO content marketing is still about rankings in the search engine at the end of the day. But you're saying it's just a subtle shift in the emphasis. Or maybe not so subtle, really putting a lot more work behind the content you're creating, focusing more on that. Let's talk a little bit about how can you create that content? How do you make compelling content so your SEO content marketing strategy, it works?

I think the first thing you want to do is you want to look for the places-- the type of content people are searching for. So content marketing requires some keyword research, looking at what competitors rank on, and looking at what your website, what your main topics are. And finding those key words where one, people are searching for them, and two, that there's actually-- you have something compelling to say. So that's the first step.

Yeah, so then you create the content. And there you use humor, or controversy, or how to, or video, like we're doing here, or any of these techniques to put that out to your website.

Yeah, absolutely. And then the next thing is you want to tune up that content for seo content marketing. And we say about tuning is making sure that the keywords that, again, you were trying to-- the questions you were trying to address with the content are in the content you've created, and that you take any-- that you mark up any of the extra assets. Like a video, you make sure you're using, that you make sure you have a title tag that reflects the keywords you were focused on, so that you increase the chances of, again, that secondary audience, the search engines being able to properly understand what you've created.

Cool. And then the last thing of course is you want to track, you know, promote that content you've pushed out and you've tuned it up. You want to make sure it's coming up in the search engines and bringing traffic. And if it's not, you need to do some offsite SEO promotion to this excellent content you've created, which should help it gain traction. And if you do all these four steps, ultimately your SEO content marketing strategy will be very successful, maybe even go viral. And it will bring you the rankings and the traffic you're looking for.