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SEO Reseller Newsletter Feature

We are pleased to announce the addition of the SEO reseller newsletter to our feature list for members of the Semify SEO reseller program. Specifically, we write a newsletter once per month on various topics that are interesting to end-users (customers) of our SEO reseller membership. We take great care to write the newsletter in a fairly neutral, yet engaging, tone so that it is appropriate to go out under your SEO reseller logo (as opposed to ours).

The monthly SEO reseller newsletter is one of a recent run of features released by Semify specifically designed to enhance our reseller program. We understanding the challenges associated with both the sales and customer retention efforts in a competitive market space. And the Search Engine Optimization space is certainly competitive. Our mission is to make life easier for our resellers. For those learning about us for the first time, here is a little bit of background.

Business Effectiveness: We emphasize those search engine optimization approaches that are backed by research and work. There is a huge amount of misinformation about search engine optimization out there. It is easy for customers to get confused. To keep this from happening, we stress the importance of the actual business results to our resellers and urge them to do the same in their sales process. Nothing speaks stronger than old-fashioned great results? Seriously! No need for spin when you can "just show me the money."

Transparency: Our second guiding principle is to be up-front and honest with our clients. Again, old fashioned. But in this crazy SEO reseller market, it seems to be in short supply. With so much debate about what is gray and what is white, we decided long ago to leave the decisions to the client. It's their website and business in the end. But for them to make informed decisions, you need to be transparent. Our entire technology has been architected around this concept. Likewise, our reports, pdf's and email alerts further reinforce this central notion.

Having the basics of our strategy well covered, we have recently turned to support features. A monthly SEO reseller communication piece in the form of a newsletter was something we thought was missing. This is an additional item for our resellers to highlight during the sales process as a value-add to their customers. More importantly, it gives our SEO resellers another touch-point with their customers. We all know that account management requires a concerted effort. The newsletter is an attempt to automate a customer touch while providing them with information they will find helpful.

As always, any specific SEO reseller can opt-out any or all of their accounts from receiving the newsletter. There is also a user-specific email opt-out setting for those specific customers who don't want to receive it. As with everything we do in our white-label SEO technology, the newsletter has the reseller logo on it and comes from their address.