In honor of National Small Business week, we wanted to take this time to congratulate all of the nominees and winners on behalf of Semify. Owning and running a business of any size has never been harder, well done! We also want to help all of the rest of the small business owners who perhaps do not understand the importance of SEO for small business.

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Good afternoon, I am Jamie Burrows, an account manager at Semify. I was to be joined by Adam Abarca, but he is suffering from some version of a warm weather flu. On the occasion of National Small Business Week, we wanted to talk about digital marketing steps that need to be taken in order to successfully execute SEO for small business in today's ultra competitive marketplace. Of the many areas that deserve closer focus, we have chosen to expound upon 2: The need to own your local market, and the need to have a mobile friendly site.

Google's Places for business is the new Yellow Pages (or yp if you prefer)

Those small business owners who are ignoring the relevance and importance of Google's local listings are ignoring a plain fact: Google has said that 30% of searches are for information on local businesses, and that 90% of online users trust reviews written by people they know. While it is tempting for small business owners to target larger, regional or even national keywords and areas, doing so before owning their local market is both foolish and exceedingly difficult. If a business has a devoted clientele, and the great reviews that come with it, it is much easier for them to expand into another, more competitive market.If you want to be known in the city, you had better be recognized on your block. There are many plans that offer local SEO for small businesses, but it is important to be sure that the plan fits your businesses needs.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Another advantage that has presented itself for small business owners who received timely SEO advice is having a mobile friendly website. Despite the fact that half of all mobile searches are for local products, only 7% of local businesses can accommodate that mobile search. For the other 93%, the site will be slow to load, and not do so completely while accessed from a smartphone or tablet. If those 93% were thinking that smartphones and tablets were a passing fad, it is not too late to get on the boat. If your site is not mobile friendly, or you aren't sure if it is, reach out to a web designer and make these alterations. If your competitors have not, you will gain a significant advantage with this small addition.

Thanks again for your time, and if you know a small business owner, congratulate them, it is not an easy job. On behalf of Semify, have a great day and a great Small Business Week!