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SEOMoz API is down - Website Grader impacted

  • Adam Reply

    Hi all.. I see a number of support tasks coming in, so I thought I would post a quick forum thread. We are aware that our SEOMoz API is currently down. We have a Support Task open on it internally and also have a ticket opened at SEOMoz to get to the bottom of the issue. Stay tuned for updated.

    The Website grader is about 60% operational, with all SEMRush data (keywords, traffic, values) working fine. The SEOMoz data on the bottom half of the screen is currently showing zeros for MOST data (not all)..

    Thanks for patience.

    09/04 at 06:46 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    Does this impact the SEO tab as well? I noticed a number of SEOmoz API tasks as "in progress"....

    09/04 at 06:51 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Yes. Same call.

    09/04 at 06:54 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Hi all... Quick SEOMoz update. I got a response from tech support and there are actually two different issues here.

    1) The SEOMoz numbers in the SEO Dashboard: This issue has been resolved. I expect the numbers to update next Wednesday on schedule. All of the jobs failed today. I will re-run tomorrow... This date will be at most 24 hours late due to this issue... Minor impact.

    2) Web Grader Issue: Still outstanding... This is a different API call and I gave feedback and bounced it back to SEOMoz... Hope to have something soon. This is forward progress, but it's still down at this point.

    09/05 at 05:04 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Hi all - Got a response from SEOMOZ today:


    It looks like these issues are related to some other problems the api experienced yesterday. Most likely this is due to pushes an engineer made in an attempt to resolve the no default metrics being returned issue that we talked about getting put back in place. They are rolling back those changes and I'll update you just as soon as I know more.


    09/06 at 01:34 PM
  • Adam M Reply

    Cool! We're getting somewhere :)

    09/06 at 01:35 PM
  • Matt Reply

    Whoo hoo! Any eta?

    09/06 at 02:03 PM
  • Adam Reply

    YES! SEOMoz just got back to me and said they rolled back their last production code migration (containing this bug).. I ran a quick test and our call is working again.... So the plan of attack is this:

    1) Get the 1,000 or so API ACTION tasks running that never completed yesterday (paying customers)... I should have that started in a few minutes...

    2) Work on the WebSite Grader... ETA: Tomorrow (Friday) by noon at worst...

    09/06 at 02:11 PM
  • Matt Reply

    Thank the SEO gods. If it would appease SEO MOZ, I can throw a website in a volcano.

    09/06 at 02:18 PM
  • Adam Reply

    Jobs are running.. Turning now to the WEBSITE GRADER / RESEARCH MODULE....

    09/06 at 02:26 PM