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Stuff to show a client at an apointment

  • Renee Reply

    It's definitely harder for businesses whose industries who aren't inherently social. Local retailers, restaurants, theaters, etc. have it a lot easier. But businesses like carpet cleaners and accountants can build communities on social media by providing content that is useful. For example, if it is tax season, provide a series of blogs that outline tips or timelines for getting your financial house in order and link to them via your social media platforms. Or provide a tip per day on twitter with hashtags that will reach out to people searching for those key words and not just those following you. For carpet cleaners, you can get creative with a video on how to care for your carpets and area rugs or what to look for in carpets/rugs that will allow them to wear best through the years. Mike mentioned debt relief companies -- there are a ton of ways to give followers information they need about managing debt, even after they have resolved their immediate crises. Sound boring? It doesn't have to be. Get creative.

    Finding a unique voice in addition to providing useful content is important, especially when you are in one of these other industries. You don't have to be humdrum. Be quirky. Be different from your competitors.

    And it's important to keep in mind that people are following you because of your industry. They aren't looking for zen philosophy within your content (although, if you could offer that too, it wouldn't hurt). Someone who is on your carpet cleaning page or site needs his carpets cleaned. Someone who is on your debt relief site or page needs financial help. Give them what they want. If you have useful content and a unique voice to keep them engaged and follow-up with good customer service and results, they will remain a customer and refer others to you.

    And keep in mind, that if you don't have time to be everywhere on social media, don't be. Pick one platform and do it well.

    05/07 at 11:34 AM