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The Ultimate Guide To White Label Services in 2020

White label services are the secret backbone of the digital marketing industry. Most people may not even realize it, but outward-facing agencies can’t always execute every aspect of their clients’ strategies in-house. They often need extra help from partners who are experts in the field to ensure their client campaigns are successful. As digital marketing strategies and technologies evolve faster than ever, these white label services exist to keep clients on the cutting edge of SEO -- and at the top of the SERPs.

The practice of white labeling is used in virtually every industry, including digital marketing. By joining a white label reseller program, you’ll gain access to a team of skilled SEO professionals -- including writers, account managers, and web analysts -- and a wider range of high-quality deliverables for your clients. Best of all, you’ll also be given the tools and the knowledge necessary to grow client relationships and your agency at-large.

But before you can select a SEO partner and start pitching to clients, you’ll need a complete understanding of the most important white label services for digital marketing. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from your agency partners.

Table Of Contents

All white label services are worth reading about, but if you're looking to learn more about a specific one or two, jump to them here. Or, take your time and scroll through each service to learn the wonders of white label.

  1. White Label SEO Services
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Website Services
  6. Chatbots

Service #1: White Label SEO

In the competition to get clicks, page visits, and links, SEO is arguably the most important variable.

Short for search engine optimization, SEO is the process of making your website as valuable as possible to search engines like Google so that your page is among the top search results for certain keywords and phrases.

White label services can come in handy yet again when it comes to a company’s SEO. White label SEO solutions come in the form of a platform or service that is designed to optimize a client’s digital content.

Marketing agencies can re-brand these solutions and sell them as their own, or independent businesses can use a white label SEO reseller solution solely for their own purposes.

While SEO may have been a relatively unknown strategy for online visibility in years past, every business is now looking for ways to boost their SEO.

With people around the world using search engines to look up their every need, businesses in all industries are recognizing that they need to be the first name that comes up in the search results.

Another advantage of SEO is that it gives businesses visibility on Google and other search engines without paying for AdWords campaigns or PPC services.

Boosting SEO focuses on improving the content on the website so that it appears in the top results organically, rather than through paid efforts.

But while it is possible for some agencies to provide search engine optimization in-house, that decision may come at the expense of the success of your clients and even the growth of your business. Whether you know that your expertise lies elsewhere or you simply want to achieve a better work-life balance, outsourcing with a white label SEO agency can be an excellent way to ensure your efforts will pay off.

That said, you need to make sure that your white label agency offers the tools and deliverables you need to bolster what you’re already doing. When evaluating white label SEO providers, assess whether they have the following:

White Label Dashboard

From delivering content to tracking client analytics, your SEO partner should provide you with a streamlined system that allows you to communicate with both their team and your clients. It’s essential that you’re able to customize this dashboard so that you can maintain your own branding; this will create a consistent experience for your clients and ensure that your setup is truly white label.

You should be able to add your own logo and colors and obtain a URL that acts as a subdomain of your own website for a streamlined client experience. In addition, all of your reporting tools should be private labeled, with personalized client correspondence (to be displayed as coming from your own email address) and report distribution (at any interval of your choosing). And if you have your own agency dashboard already, your SEO partner should be able to provide APIs that will incorporate essential features with ease.

White Label Link Building

Link building is an essential part of any viable SEO strategy. But long gone are the days when SEO companies could produce results for clients with spammy or limited link building. If you want to improve your clients’ domain authority (and search rankings), it’s essential to create a diverse backlink profile with high-quality referring domains.

As such, your SEO partner needs to be able to provide a variety of link building options. This will not only provide customers with different possibilities based on their budget, but it also offers multiple strategies for you to achieve your goals. You’ll want to look for an SEO agency that can provide link-building options like:

  • Link Outreach -- This involves reaching out to owners of relevant websites with high domain authority with the intent of publishing guest posts, promoting cornerstone content, or forging mutually beneficial hyper-local link relationships. In some cases, this strategy can even be used for scholarship outreach.

  • Featured News -- Your SEO provider will provide onsite content, but they can also develop high-quality content that’s posted off of your client’s site in the interest of building links. One way to do this is through publishing featured news stories, involving both breaking news and evergreen content, on independent websites with high domain authority. This is accomplished by forming ongoing partnerships with these publications, meaning that these links cannot be obtained through other means. While these links may not be local to your client’s business or necessarily within their immediate industry, earning this “link juice” can have a huge impact on the domain authority of your client’s website.

  • Articles -- Another important (and affordable) type of off-site content is the article. These articles are unique, relevant to the client’s industry, and provide greater control over the anchor text used to link back to the client’s site. While you wouldn’t want every link to contain your target keywords, you do want some backlinks to hit those targets. With articles, you’ll obtain welcome additions to your client’s backlink profile in verticals that make sense for your client’s industry.

  • White Label Local SEO -- If local SEO plays an essential role in your ranking goals, you’ll want to make sure that your agency partner can address those needs. That means they should be able to publish placements in top national directories (such as Google My Business, Yelp, YP, Merchant Circle, City Squares, and more) for your clients. These links can increase the likelihood of your clients appearing more prominently in features like the Google map pack.

By working with an agency that offers a variety of ways to build links (rather than buying links on authoritative sites -- seen by Google as a big problem!), you can help your clients grow in a way that offers more ROI in the long term while keeping their budget in mind in the short term.

White Label Onsite SEO Content

Off-site SEO is a critical component, but you can’t forget about what’s on the site itself. Your provider needs to have a plan in place for making customized improvements to your client’s onsite SEO in order to make the website more valuable, more relevant, and more robust overall. This might include unique offerings, like our premium onsite product. This product provides impact in a 30- to 60-day window, acting as a welcome jumping-off point for any SEO strategy. With this product, your partner ensure that your client’s website has the pages it needs to rank for critical keywords, that the content on each page is loaded with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, and that the metadata contains thoroughly researched keywords that incorporate buyer intent.

Of course, on-site blogs still play a vital role in your onsite SEO strategy. Making sure that the blog posts on your client’s site are interesting, well-written, and optimized for both search engines and human users still acts as the cornerstone of digital marketing. As they say, content is king.

Creating relevant content is not only important for entertaining readers, but it is essential for SEO purposes as well. By incorporating valuable keywords and links into the content on their website and social media, clients will be better able to rank on their desired keywords and attract more leads. While not every agency will offer social media management, content creation should be consistent across all platforms. With expert content creators, your clients will be able to steer clear of clunky phrasing and incorrect grammar while receiving beautifully-written pieces and up-to-date social media posts.

Make sure that your SEO partners offer blog post word counts of anywhere from 400 to 4,000 words, with the option of having ongoing blog posts published on a monthly basis or a la carte posts that can be added as needed. As mentioned earlier, your provider should have an on-site team that creates and oversees content, allowing them to hit the mark every time.

White Label Fulfillment Team

It’s not enough that your SEO partner has the knowledge to help develop your clients’ digital marketing strategy; they also need to be able to execute it on time and to exceed your expectations. In other words, they need to have motivated staff members who will make things happen -- and hold themselves accountable to their results.

Ideally, you’ll want to have…

...A dedicated account manager who knows both you and your accounts. Rather than being “just another client,” you’ll be an important relationship for your business. Your account manager will provide you with the in-depth information you need to get the most out of your campaigns.

...A white label writing team based in the USA. While hiring content writers off-shore might save you money upfront, you’ll end up paying for it in the end with the low-quality content you’ll receive. Given Google’s recent Core algorithm updates (like Panda and BERT), you’ll want a partner with writers and editors on-staff who have the capability to address your content marketing needs.

Specifically, you’ll want to look for partners who offer 100% edit rates on onsite blog posts, editorial calendars, writer instructions, writer kick-off calls, and random audits to ensure quality. Knowing the satisfaction rate with content from other resellers may put your mind at ease, too. (As an aside, we regularly receive 4.5 out of 5 grades from resellers due to our commitment to creating content that provides real value!)

...A knowledgeable tech team at your disposal. The third important piece of the puzzle here is the web analyst or the tech guru. While not every white label SEO agency might have one on-staff, it’s really a necessary addition for a successful digital marketing strategy. You’ll want to know you have someone who understands the more technical side of both SEO and web development, ensuring that your deliverables will contain all of the elements that will help your clients rank -- and that their sites won’t feature anything that could hold them back.

Service #2: White Label Digital Advertising

Organic traffic can be increased by publishing optimized content and web copy, but many businesses still rely on digital advertising to generate leads, traffic, and sales.

A wide variety of services can fall under the umbrella of digital advertising, and that’s why teaming up with a white label company can be extremely effective. A white label service provider can manage PPC campaigns, generate ROI Reports, track real-life metrics, and create and manage ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Youtube. As the advertising agency, you can then resell all of these digital services to your small business clients.

PPC, short for pay-per-click advertising, is one of the most effective options for digital promotion. White label PPC services present an incredibly affordable and effective option that allows resellers and clients to scale with ease. It’s an excellent way to save time and money, as there’s an immense amount of room for markup without taking on any management hassles yourself.

Because we know everyone has their own area of expertise, you can rely on your digital marketing provider to handle your PPC management -- allowing you to focus on other vital areas of your business. You’ll have a dedicated manager for your PPC campaigns who will handle the logistics of setup and analytics. Moreover, they’ll communicate with you on a consistent basis about your campaign’s progress along every step of the way. They will work to update ad copy, add negative keywords, and keep an eye on search terms.

You’ll also gain access to extensive white label PPC reporting tools for your client, including important KPIs like conversions, cost per action, and impressions (all sent in comprehensive reports at intervals of your choosing).

In general, white label service providers can manage nearly any digital advertising campaign like this for you. With their easily rebrandable options, such as multi-channel campaign creation, mobile-optimized landing pages, and Facebook and Display ad image design, white label providers are your one-stop shop for digital advertising needs.

Service #3: White Label Graphic Design

When you have high-quality, highly relevant written content, you also need attractive graphics to go with it. These two components go hand-in-hand to pull in readers and increase the time spent on the page. In white label graphic design, a specialist creates customized graphic design work that marketing agencies can resell to their own clients.

In a similar way that written content is created to sound like it is coming directly from the client or brand, white label graphic designers are able to put on the branding of the end client and make visual elements that represent the company. These designers are typically able to take on many forms, including design to accompany written content, business card and brochure design, and even a full corporate brand identity design.

The human brain is naturally drawn to striking images, which draw our attention and engage our senses. When a marketing agency offers graphic design as one of their white label services, they are offering yet another way to improve SEO rankings.

A great piece of graphic design in the form of an infographic can be accompanied by a short written breakdown of the image, thereby incorporating all of the necessary keywords and internal links that search engines like to see. Posts on social media almost always perform better when they have the perfect visuals attached to them and they are more easily read by users on smartphones than long written pieces of content.

Service #4 White Label Social Media Management

While we’ve discussed how written and visual content can assist a social media campaign, there are white label services that focus solely on boosting a client’s social media presence. And for companies that want to stay in the modern world, having a strong social media presence is key. Consumers heavily rely on social media to get an instant impression of a company. On nearly any social platform they can check a company’s reviews, events, and values.

When a company has active social media accounts, consumers know that they care about keeping up with the modern age and that they can contact the company through social media and get a response. Platforms like Twitter are becoming a major avenue for companies to interact directly with customers, crafting an online personality while building trust with followers. This kind of social media awareness goes a long way in building a company’s brand and gaining attention from all corners of the digital world.

By using trusted techniques and employing social media know-how, white label social media marketing can manage social media posting and craft excellent social media content with the assistance of graphic design elements and written content creation.

When a marketing agency offers its clients social media marketing, they’re giving their clients the opportunity to jump into the social media world without developing their own social media department.

Marketing agencies already handle plenty, but when clients are demanding more and more--and offering to pay for it--it can be difficult to refuse. That’s when white label services step in, relieving the burden of total marketing responsibility from the agency and providing tried and true marketing techniques.

Service #5: White Label Website Services

As another umbrella service, white label website solutions can cover any product or service that an advertising agency is able to rebrand and sell to their clients. These solutions range from web design services, to website add-on products and more.

Small businesses tend to need these services because their website is the first impression potential customers have of their company and they want to make a great first impression. A business’s website serves as their major online representation. Any other digital marketing solutions you provide are going to lead right back to the business’s website. As long a business is coming to you for other digital services, why wouldn’t you offer to optimize their website as well?

If a business is just starting out, you can partner with a white label services provider to offer your client full website creation through design, development, and hosting. When a business already has a website but they want it to be revamped, you can resell copy content and visual asset services to upgrade select pages on the website that are not performing well. Other possible add-ons could include live chat platforms, form builders, landing pages, and appointment schedulers.

By using white label website solutions, you can position your advertising agency as an expert in the industry. About 51% of small businesses are investing in websites to supplement their digital marketing, and you would be missing out on a valuable service if you didn’t take the chance to also add it to your list of offered services. And when you work with a white label service, you will be getting an experienced team well-versed in what brings digital traffic to a client’s website.

#6: White Label Chatbots

Customers want a fast and convenient way to contact a company with any questions or issues they have, and chatbots are proving to be the way to do that.

In a 2017 worldwide Statisa questioning, 34% of respondents said that they would prefer to answer questions from artificial intelligence via chatbots or a virtual assistant when engaging in e-commerce.

A white label chatbot, or other form of virtual assistant, allows users to take advantage of a trusted program and use it as their own.

For digital marketing agencies, using a white label chatbot gives them a unique product to offer their clients. Unlike some more intricate digital marketing solutions, it is simple to see that chatbots can easily lead to increased sales through a company’s website as it provides unrivaled convenience for customers.

For startups or individuals with their own website, developing the appropriate software for a working chatbot can be complicated. However, these small-scale businesses don’t have to miss out on the chatbot market just because they don’t personally have the necessary know-how.

By using a white label service for their chatbot needs, these small businesses can still provide easy communication with their customers.

For any business in any industry, an easy-to-use chatbot can make a huge difference in customer support and CRM systems.

They also show that a business is with the modern times and invested in the latest technology, rather than stuck in the digital marketing past.

Do You Need a White Label SEO Provider?

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find a partner in digital marketing who’s as dedicated to your clients -- and the success of your own business -- as you are. It’s our belief that growing together gives us the freedom to be more. By working as a team, we can help to bolster your business, provide your clients with an incredible marketing strategy, and provide you with the means to achieve your greatest ambitions. To learn more about our white label reseller program, get in touch with our team today.