Semify provides monthly white label seo reports to you on each and every one of your clients. In the white label seo report is pertinent information on the progress of your clients' successes. As a part of the white label seo reporting tool, the best part about the white label seo reports is that it's presented to you in an easily digestible, visual manner, so that you can just take a glance and understand your clients' campaigns!


Chad: Hello. Welcome to our White Label SEO Report video. Adam, how are you doing today?

Adam: Good, Chad. How are you?

Chad: I am doing well.

Adam: We are talking about white label seo reporting, particularly, looking for a White Label SEO Report. There is a big market for this because you need to demonstrate value, and the monthly report is often how people do that. My question to you today to explore is: What should you look for in White Label SEO reports, if you are shopping to outsource that service?

Chad: That is a great question. I have a little thought to this. There are a couple things I think are really important with white label seo reporting tools. The first one is, of course, that you want the white label seo report to have a professional layout and have your branding. This ideally is something that, as you get it, you can pretty quickly turn it around and get it out to your client. If you have to reformat and paste a bunch of stuff, that definitely diminishes the value of a White Label SEO report. More importantly, is the content of the white label seo report, so there are really a couple of things that I think are important when you are looking at how to best structure White Label SEO reports.

The first one is work completed. You want to make sure that any work that you have done around building links, creating content, writing onsite web posts, really anything done that month is documented in the white label seo reporting tool. As we all know, just as much as we are held accountable to the rankings and the performance that the ROI people are getting from the white label SEO reporting efforts, at the end of the day, the one thing we can control is that we are actually doing the work we said we are going to do, so that needs to be in there. The next thing is a good methodology for tracking surf results. I like to always have a baseline of where a ranking started, where it is now, and show a trend line.

The other thing that you want to do is you, as a seo reseller ideally want to show how many visitors have been coming to the website. If you think about the funnel, we are doing this work to improve their rankings, which will increase number of visitors. We need to also think about what visitors we are trying to track. We would like to look at what we call non- branded organic traffic. That is all traffic that comes from organic sources, Google, Yahoo, Bing, other search engines, that is not for the company's name. We think that is the best representation of how much new traffic, or incremental traffic, SEO is driving to the website, so we want to track that. I think the final thing you want to have on the white label seo report are the actually leads and phone calls that have come in from your efforts.

Those are 4 things that I think are really important to get into a White Label SEO report. One of the things we do that is great is we actually, on top of that, are also able to integrate in pulling data from social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click, all into the same report, so that makes it even better than just a simple SEO-only report. We can bring the whole thing together. That is what I would look at.

Adam: Those are fantastic points; there is a lot of stuff there. I think the data integration is really important. I think the aesthetics, where you started out, are important, and having your brand. What I thought what was really interesting in what you just said was a recognition that SEO takes a long time to work, particularly on competitive keywords, so the fact that you are outlining trend lines on rankings even before there are even visitors or leads, seems like a good way to think ahead. During those months where you are chipping away at those keywords as a white label seo reseller and working on your SEO, you got some progress to show that client; that does seem pretty important. Otherwise, they will just see no visitors, no business; this is not working, when in fact, it may be working very well.

Very interesting strategy. Thank you.