The lines between SEO and traditional marketing blur into branding

There is good evidence that engagement helps your organic rankings. Your brand is a big part of good engagement. Join us to explore what small businesses can do to build their brand and learn more about how a brand can help your organic rankings. SEO should now be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Native advertising, social media and other forms of marketing have transformed how we do business and there has been an emerging reliance on branding and how customers see businesses as not only businesses, but also as brands.

Tom Marin, Founder of MarketCues and SmartPlan360, has worked with many small and medium businesses building their brands. Chad and Tom will train you on the 4-Ps of branding and give you practical tips for building brands and improving your SEO.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • 4-Ps of Branding
  • The value of building a brand
  • Practical online brand activities
  • How branding can benefit your SEO