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Weekly HubFeed (10/11) - Google Penguin 2.1, Moz Study, Yahoo,... [VIDEO]

The Weekly HubFeed is your source for the latest in online marketing and search news, all in just a few minutes. We bring you the headlines you need to know about. This week, it's Google's Penguin 2.1 algorithm update, Google's stance on geolocation and spam, Moz's search engine ranking factors survey, and Yahoo's second redesign for their email service this year!


Welcome to the Weekly HubFeed, where we unpack this week’s online marketing news.

Google Penguin 2.1

Late last week, Google announced Penguin 2.1, yet another algorithm update, fast on the heels of the Humminbgird update last month. Now, Penguin 2.1 is all about targeting manipulative link-building tactics. Google’s looking for particular patterns that might indicate you’re trying to influence the search engine rankings. The best way to counteract Penguin 2.1 is to focus on REAL SEO. Think about what your audience is looking for, and create compelling and interesting information that they’ll want to read and learn more about you. Now, only 1% of searches are impacted by this change, but you’ll know that you were impacted by looking at your traffic going into the end of last week to the beginning of this week to see if there was any big impact.

Geolocation is not spam

This week, Google clarified that geolocation is not considered spam. Many websites want to take their user to a relevant local page when they land on the websites. This is good for the user, and what ultimately Google came out and said was that it’s fine by them—treat Google like you would any other potential user of your website. To distinguish between this tactic, and what some people might consider “cloaking,” cloaking is all about showing Google something different than what you would show your end-user.

Moz search engine ranking factors study

This week, Moz released the results of their annual search engine ranking factors study. What they do is they talk to over 100 people in the search engine optimization industry and ask them what factors they believe lead to better search engine rankings. They take all that information, and then they also correlate it with some quantitative data that they collect in order to come back with their overall ranking factors. This year, a lot of the factors are the same as they’ve been in the past. They’re still heavily link-based. There were two interesting things that increased in importance. The first is the page authority of websites that link to you. We used to think that as long as your links came from websites with high domain authority, then that was a very good factor. What Moz is showing is that actually this year, you really want to focus and make sure that links on high page authority websites on high domain authority websites actually are very, very important.

The other big surprise was that they showed a very high correlation for Google Pluses and ranking in the search engines. Matt Cutts came out a couple weeks ago to debunk this potential conculusion, because he wanted to make sure that it was very clear that any relationship or correlation between a Google Plus and improved search rankings was actually a correlation, not a causation.

Another redesign for Yahoo Mail

Rounding out our search news this week, Yahoo is rolling out a redesigned Yahoo Mail. They’ve adopted a lot of things people like in Gmail, for example threaded conversations, as well as continuing to improve the overall user experience. The other thing that Yahoo’s announced is that they’re actually upping the ante on storage. Google’s given us 15 gigabytes of storage, Yahoo’s actually taking that up to one terabyte. Both of these changes show that Yahoo is continuing to make investments in their products. That’s a good thing, because we want competition in the online marketing world.

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  • Reply

    This is great, I love the summary of all the news I missed

    10/15 at 11:05 AM
  • Aqeel Reply

    Yahoo's redesign was so crucial--they've made small improvements over the years, but it just hasn't ever reached what they have finally accomplished. I haven't used Yahoo mail since middle school, but I'm gaining respect for the service again. Go, Yahoo! I'm rooting for them!

    10/15 at 11:23 AM

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