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Whats this Video SEO?

  • Jenna Reply

    Friedland....aren't you replying right now? I hope that's not a stupid question--I'm trying to understand your problem.

    04/23 at 02:20 PM (6536)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    that was a test. This is really buggy. It is not letting me post what I want to post.

    04/23 at 02:32 PM (6537)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    I am trying to ask what the service you offer is. It is listed in the services dashboard, but there is no explanation as to what it entails.

    04/23 at 02:34 PM (6538)
  • Chris Reply

    Hi Friedland - Our forums here have a few security limitations prohibiting some code and words like s c r i p t from being submitted. If you are trying to post code it might not work.

    04/23 at 02:34 PM (6539)
  • Digital Marketing Maniacs Reply

    not trying to post code at all, and not using the word s cr i p t. was trying to use the words v i d e o S E O

    04/23 at 02:39 PM (6540)
  • Daniel Reply

    Hi - I'm also looking for some details on what you offer for "video" in Standard+ seo packages. Please share.

    09/11 at 02:42 PM (15251)