Infographics on Digital Marketing

Build Digital Relationships with Infographics


How Infographic Cross-Promotion Works

Step 1

Find a Great Infographic

We have a large library of Digital Marketing infographics. Find one that is perfect for your content and audience.

Step 2

Post the Infographic with your Content

Using our embed code, you can easily post our infographic with your awesome content. Make sure what you've written is outstanding and serving the needs of your readers.

Step 3

Contact Us

After our piece is posted, contact us to let us know where it is. We will start our promotion machine to make sure the word gets out about your post. We can Tweet, Like and Link to it - which helps both of us. Our team of 30 Semifyers will also swarm it and leave tons of comments, social signals and good vibes!


Use an Infographic. We'll promote your post!