REAL SEO - Analysis


Analysis comes before, during and after every campaign. Our approach to analysis includes both tracking and tuning.

We monitor and track rankings, organic traffic from keywords and search traffic so we can adjust the plan of action to achieve the client's goals.

Tuning includes optimizing the content for both the audience and search engines. We use images, bulleted lists, section headings and other formatting that makes the content easy to read and visually appealing to the audience. We tune content for maximum results from search engines that scan web content for metadata and keyword themes.

Semify SEO Tracking

Our world-class white label software tracks the data that you need to drive traffic to the website, increase sales and improve conversion rates. Key tracking features include:

Important Benchmarks

View key benchmarks including domain rating, external link statistics and referring domains, all in one place.

Keyword Rankings

Improving keyword rankings is the first step in getting more traffic and leads from SEO-we keep a very close eye on keyword rankings.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic data shows the growth in organic traffic throughout the duration of the campaign.

Phone and Web Leads

Use our JavaScript phone number replacer to identify the source of phone calls and our web-to-lead form for accurate campaign conversion monitoring.

Semify SEO Tuning

Our expert SEO analysts tune the content on the website and across the web so customers and search engines can find it. Key features of tuning include:

Onsite Tags

Promoting target keywords on the website in the Title Tag, URL, Alt text of Image, and other meta tags makes it easier for the search engines to find the site.


The measurement of how often a target keyword appears in text is known as density. Achieving proper and natural keyword density requires a talented writer.

Link Audit

In this day and age, it's so important to keep track of the sites that are linking to your website. Our built-in link audit functionality is proactive in finding potential issues before they become problems.

Onsite Implementation

Our experts recommend changes to make the website SEO friendly and improve the aesthetics of each page. Attractive images, clean formatting and concise writing make a website easy to find, navigate and read.