REAL SEO - End-User Value

End-User Value

We create useful content using the themes that are appreciated by customers, prospects, bloggers and others who are likely to share and link to thoughtfully designed content.

Our professional content designers create Featured News stories, original articles, BuzzGraphics and onsite blog posts that inform and educate customers and prospects.

While selling products and services is the ultimate goal, too much commercial content is a turn-off. Content can be humorous, provocative, educational, scientific or passionate as long as it is educates, informs and truly connects the customer to the brand. The personality of the business must shine through!

Semify SEO End-User Value

At Semify, a collaborative 3-step process ensures true End-User Value:

  • Writer Instructions: You complete a short online questionnaire to tell us about your client's business, value proposition and the message the client wants to communicate.
  • Research Facts: Our writers research the market segment and competition and identify reputable sites for co-citation. Co-citation is important because it builds authority for your client's site by association with high profile, reputable sites.
  • Content Development: Content created for the campaign is rooted in facts, data and information. Our expert creative team writes and designs Featured News stories, articles, BuzzGraphics, onsite blogs, and more.

US-based Writers and Editors

Our team of writers work together in the Semify Writers' Lounge allowing for exchange of ideas, monthly in-person training and mentoring, and editorial leadership.

Semify Newsroom

Semify has a fully staffed Newsroom that writes news stories for our publishing partners. This is part of our Featured News service that gets quality links for your clients.
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Featured News Stories

Our writing staff operates as a Newsroom for our publishing partners. We write engaging news stories and link to a client's onsite blog that is relevant to the theme of the story.
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Onsite Blogs

We write well-researched onsite blogs that include data, statistics and facts. The link from a Featured News story helps rankings and brings more readers to your client's blog.

Informational Articles

Our team writes original, creative, quality articles that are SEO optimized and syndicated on a diverse array of reputable websites.


A BuzzGraphic is a custom designed compelling visual that connects your client with trending industry news.
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