Chris, a guy who has sold SEO to thousands of clients, is going to tell the secrets to his success, when you come to the webinar on June 25th at 3 PM EDT.

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Chris is absolutely fearless in going after new business. He’s passionate about what he does. You can’t help but be inspired by Chris’ story, from his days as national sales director for, to his foray into SEO when he and his team landed huge clients (like Home Depot and Walgreens) to now when he is so busy, he barely has time to do this webinar!

Chris will inspire you to go out and do better! He’ll tell you about:

  • Resources you can tap into locally and creative ways to use those resources to make yourself the SEO expert in your local community.
  • The big problems he’s run into with the big money accounts and why he prefers working with small, local businesses.
  • How to identify which local businesses you should approach.
  • Why it’s important to have a strong infrastructure in place so you can stay in “sales mode.”
  • What he knows about selling SEO that makes potential clients come to him.

The Whole Trick to SUCCESS in the SEO BUSINESS is..