Meet SEO Superhero - Java Script and her Trusty Sidekick, Meta Data

Yet again, a raging bolt of lightening plays a part in the transformation from ordinary mortal to SEO Superhero and Guardian of Main Street. This is the story of the SEO Superhero who we now know as "Java Script." Much to the delight of the other Guardians, this SEO Superhero came complete with a canine sidekick who, just by chance, happened to be in the arms of Java Script when that fateful bolt of lightening spewed out of the sky.

Much like dotCom, Java Script's story includes a combination of a bolt of lightening and coffee. A trainload of coffee. Literally.

Java Script and Meta Data brought many SEO superpowers to the Guardians of Main Street. Together, they're really great at detecting bad links (i.e., those that can cause trouble for websites), creating cool apps, and spotting mobile-friendly websites in an instant.

In their day-to-day work, Java Script and Meta Data help Main Street businesses keep up with, and often surpass, their more powerful competitors. They're always looking to improve processes, to learn, to innovate, to do their jobs in accordance with Semify's values. In fact, one of Java Script's favorite times was when The Guardians learned an interesting (and fun) lesson about long-tail keywords in the event called "The World Cup of Keyword Competition." This is just one example of how The Guardians experiment, test things out, find out what works and what doesn't, and come up with new and better ways to get links, drive traffic, increase leads and bring in more customers for Semify's white label SEO partners and their clients.

Java Script's powers will stay strong as long as she has coffee. No one makes coffee faster than Java Script. It's ready in the blink of an eye.

Meta Data can't resist cheese. It's a huge distraction which is why, when there's cheese anywhere in the office, The Guardians keep it out of Meta Data's reach and "smelling range," which really isn't easy to do because he has an amazing sense of smell. He is a dog, after all!