The master proposal template has been created to help you. It's the default template for your sales proposals that you can quickly and easily tailor to each prospective client. It's different than what you might expect. When people hear the word "template," they tend to expect a figurative cookie-cutter -- a formulaic approach that produces generic, bland results. The master proposal template is more like a block of wood. You carve, shape, and craft it to each individual, prospective client, suggesting the specific tools and services that that individual client may need.

Essentially, the master proposal template is your starting point for each prospect.

First, you white label it, editing the info that's already in the master proposal template so that it suits your company. You can add mini-bios about your company leadership to it; you can mention any awards and accreditations your company may have earned; you can point out any sites that may have featured your business, like Yahoo! News. Your master proposal template can succinctly explain why your company's services are worth investing in.

From there on out, you'd use your master proposal template each time you have a new prospect, and add what services you think would most benefit that particular client. For example, if the client's keywords of interest are particularly competitive, you can suggest they get a premium writer package in addition to PPC targeting services. If the client's keyword of interest isn't all that competitive, you can suggest a more basic package instead.

Such an asset offers several benefits. First, it saves you time. You don't have to create a new proposal from scratch whenever you have a new prospect. Second, it's personalized. Leads are much more likely to respond when their names or their companies' names are used instead of "prospect." Third -- and perhaps most important of all -- you can use hard data to back up your claims. In the proposal, you can do price comparisons with competitors, and show rankings, so that the potential clients don't have to just take your word for it.

Basically, the master proposal template is a time saving tool that allows you to quickly produce a professional, individualized proposal that leads are more likely to respond positively to.

If you have any questions about this handy asset, feel free to ask in the comments.

By: Andrew Lindsay