While it may not sound like the best news you have ever heard, it is the truth: the success of your site is very dependent on how the finicky search engines feel about you. They like you, and your site is set up to do very well. If, on the other hand, the search engines do not favor your website, it may be difficult to obtain the success that your content merits. It is good to know, though, that Google does not decide on its favorite websites illogically (even if it might seem that way when you look at the SERPs for your main key word.) Putting a thorough search engine marketing strategy into place is an important part of making your website a search engine "favorite." Looking for ways to use search engine marketing on your website? Read on below.

1. Build Links with Article Submission. Writing and submitting articles is becoming one of the most popular ways to use search engine marketing. There are some very good reasons why this works well. One is that writing and submitting articles does not cost you a thing (unless you pay a writer). For another, it is a very effective search engine marketing method. Why is it so successful? Because each article you write will be keyword focused for the page you are trying to boost, making it a relevant incoming link for your site. And there is almost nothing the search engines like more.

2. Update Your Site. Updating your site's content is a hugely important part of any search engine marketing strategy... after all, Google loves fresh content. So be sure to come up with a timeline or guideline for putting new content up on your website, and keep at it.

3. Write Wonderful Landing Pages Sure, part of a landing page's job is to have visitors buy a product or earn you money through advertising... but landing pages are also important for search engine marketing. Search engines are intelligent, and pay close attention to the way your visitors react to your site, which makes landing pages an integral part of a successful search engine marketing campaign. If people who visit your site do not spend any time there before going back to the results to find another site, Google will notice... and start to send your visitors elsewhere.

4. Keep an Eye on the Search Engines' Techniques. Though not even the best search engine marketing firms know all the secrets behind Google's algorithms, the search engines do give ideas about what they look for in a site. Keeping track of these changing trends is a key part of successful search engine marketing.

5. Make Everything Relevant. Incoming links are always good for search engine marketing. But the more relevant links you have coming into your site, and the more relevant keyword focused pages you have on your site, the better your search engine marketing results will be. Search engines like to see that your site is focused and appeals to visitors using certain search terms. The more focused it is, the easier it will be to rank well.