We talk a lot about the importance of content marketing over here at Semify. And in the post-Penguin Google world, many of our customers who didn't see the point before are finally starting to understand why we emphasize quality of content.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating useful and compelling content to provide information or educate people on a certain issue or problem. It’s a long term strategy, but one that works, because it is built on solid, good content. You want to build a well-rounded marketing strategy that allows your content to be shared and viewed through various avenues. When you market your content, you will place it where it will be of value to your audience, you and the search engines. After all, great content is meant to be shared.

Great. So Now How Do I Create Quality Content?

1. Know Your Audience.
This is the number one thing I always emphasize when we kick off a social media campaign (and social is a fantastic way to share quality content). If you don’t know your audience, you have little chance of grabbing their attention. Your audience can’t be everyone.

2. Be True to Who You Are.
Everyone is good at something. Your business is what it is because you know it and are good at it. If you are the best carpet cleaner this side of the Mississippi, embrace that and make it yours. Your expertise is what will make your content relevant and good and keep people coming back. You can’t engage all of the people all of the time, so stick to your knitting.

3. Find Your Voice.
This is easier for some than others, but your content should reflect your own voice. Every company will have a slightly different style and opinion. Expressing that consistently in the content you create will make what you share more engaging and authentic. Make sure, of course, you aren’t offensive or rude. You want to express your unique voice, but make your content likeable and sharable.

4. Get to the Point.
In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is crowded with information; it’s like drinking from a firehose. And people don’t have the attention span, time or desire to scroll through pages and pages of your pontifications no matter how profound they are. So get to the point already. Make your title relevant, unique and catchy to grab their attention. Format your content so it flows easily and keep it short. Include an image to make it more appealing.

5. Be Engaged
In order for your content to be relevant, useful, inspiring and engaging, you need to be engaged yourself. Take the time to stay current on industry news and trends. Participate in forums and on social media platforms. This will all give you easy inspiration for what to write about next, an opportunity to share your content and make you much more interesting at dinner parties.