The basics of optimising your internet home based business site for search engines (SEO) is relatively straightforward as search engines use only three criteria to rank you website/ web page:

Your page/ site content - The links to and from your site . Your Competitors.

Because you have no control over your competitors sites you have only two ways of influencing your rankings, and they are:

Your Content. Website Links.

So by using the following 5 ideas on improving your webpage content, this will make your webpages more popular with the major SE, which should improve your website Ranking. 1 . Improve Your Keyword Phrases If you were searching for your own internet home based business website, what keyword phrase would you type into Google for each page? Sometimes it may be helpful to get a different perspective. Ask someone else to read your page and suggest what they think your keyword phrase might be. Rather than focusing on a single word, try adding a few words to make a keyword phrase. Stick to one subject per page, if you have multiple pages , try to stick to one keyword phrase per page. 2. Watch Keyword Density Keyword density is how often the keyword occurs. Always use natural phrasing. Don't try to trick the search engine by repeating the same word over and over or making text "invisible." It doesn't work. In fact, it may even get your website banned from Google. Give a strong opening paragraph to your internet home based business webpage. Google may or may not search beyond the first 200 words or so of your web site, but it definitely looks at the first paragraph for keyword density. It is generally regarded that 5 to 10 keywords per 100 words is acceptable. So start low and you can always tweak it upwards later, when trying to improve your website ranking. Don't get too caught up in keyword density and analysis. Generally the positioning is more important than the frequency. 3. Use Your Heading Tags When trying to improve your website ranking It is important to use this tags , because text within the heading tags H1-H6 are given extra weighing by search engines. The headline tags function just like headlines in newspapers and they draw the reader and the search engines. The opening headline should sum up the contents of your internet home based business web page. It should be designed to attract both the reader and the search engines and consist of your keywords/keyword phrases. It is often the same as your web page title or very similar to it. The H2 tag is commonly used because most people find the H1 tag too large. The opening headline tag is followed by some body text which should contain your keywords/keyword phrases. Your keyword should be in the opening sentence and once more in the first 500 characters (roughly 6 lines) or opening paragraph. Other headline Tags H3-H6 These tags are used for emphasis and again should contain your keywords or some variation of it. These are ideally used for secondary keywords. Again the body text following the headline should contain your keyword at least once. 4.Name Your Pages Give your internet home based business webpages a descriptive name with the "title" tag. This is vital, when you want to improve your website ranking Google displays search results as a link using the web page’s title. A link called “untitled” isn’t enticing. When appropriate, use the page’s keyword phrase in the title. 5. Ensure Your Graphics are Search Friendly. If your menus are in Flash, they might as well be invisible, because search engines tend to skip right over it . Consider making plain text links in addition to or instead of Flash. Give your images "alt" tags. Not only does it make your internet home based business website more accessible to the visually impaired, it also gives you another chance to place your keywords where Google can see them, which is important when you are trying to improve website ranking. Conclusion Good Design Is Popular Design, in the end, strong, well organised pages are pages that Google tends to rank higher. They're also pages that tend to become more popular, which means Google will rank them even higher. Keep good design in mind as you go, and much of the SEO will design itself.

Author: Alan Scholtz