The SEO game is a game for the rich gurus who have already taken the online marketing to the bank. The big money being made on the net is not like these fairy tale marketers want you to believe. Your not going to start up a server farm in your apartment closet and in 6 months your making 6 figures. The con artists of yesterday has found his or her street corner of today. The net is just filled and over flowing with con-people waiting for any given moment to get you and your money parted. The old saying a fool and his money are soon parted, could not be more true today on the net.

The true SEO game for the small time net marketer is just like a dog chasing its tail. You always think you almost got it and then just turns out when you think, you got it; the only thing you did is bite your self in the butt! If your throwing money into online books and cds, videos, seminars and advertising to get traffic to your site, guess who is the one who is getting rich? The same rich guru who started the SEO game and pretends that magical ways can still be purchased from them for only $29.99 and you to will make $4000 a day on the net as a marketer guru. These false claims are everywhere.

They dress these programs up with lots of dreams and glitter to make you think that if you try and put your mind to it, there is no reason why you to can't make $4000 a day on the net just like them. The best way to look at it and see it for what it is, is to look at the e-mail scams. You know, for a processing fee of $25,000, they will give you 1 million dollars. There are TV ads warning people of these scams. Do we really need public service TV ads telling you that no one is going to give you a million dollars for no work and you have to give them $25,000 processing fee first. I guess so, this is why these people all over the net are selling their SEO guru secrets for only $19.95 or just 3 payments of $29.95 for their online book.

When someone points this out in a article like this, you say well of course that's a scam. The scammers put it all in a nice shiny package that holds your road to fame and fortune, they give false hope and get you to buy. The best scam is the scam running a scam. These are the ones that tell you that they to were scammed, but for free have searched the net and found the real money maker for the net. So, now you have a person that tells you they have been taken 30 times and spent $5000 on scams and now they want to share what they found with you! So, if you don't want to be scammed like them, you should buy the program that they provide the link to the purchase site for that program.

Here again, when someone points it out to you and you look at and say that's a scam. When a person is looking for the SEO secret of How-To make their fortune online, they don't look like scams then. I can only hope that this article reaches one person and that person does not waste their time and money on one of the many SEO and blogging scams out there. The big search engines selling their ad placement to the little guy thinking there going to pay them for their efforts. They are not fully lying, sure after hundreds of hours spent monetizing your blogs and sites to get $5.00, is this not getting paid? So, it is true they paid you. The same is true about a lot of the article sites that say they pay you for your articles. You give them a article that you have to give them the exclusive rights to and they give you $3.00 - $4.00 and that's if you are lucky. Some tell you that your not getting enough traffic and give you 3-8 cents for your article.

The above are examples of online scams that sucker people everyday. You have to filter your way through them. There are very few real deals online. There are a few good sites that provide good info and at no charge. Want to just see how many scams there are, just type in "make money online" on your fave search engine site and look at how many results you get. There will be millions.

So, when you think you have been shown the next SEO and money making blogging secret for only $19.95, maybe you will think twice.

Author: Ed