Most white label SEO resellers -- businesses that sell search engine optimization and associated online marketing services through their own brand but outsource the actual SEO work -- are startups, and as such need to dedicate significant attention to bringing in new customers through both inbound and outbound marketing methods. But you may find that even if you’re an SEO reseller and working in the realm of online marketing, you struggle to get your own marketing mix just right.

There are four major areas of online marketing you’ll want to consider as you break the process down:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is probably the most important component of long-term online marketing. It’s an inbound marketing method, meaning that it’s intended to help customers find you, instead of directly going out and selling your services. There are many components to SEO (that’s why it’s smart to become an SEO reseller, rather than trying to go it on your own), and these strategies have to be applied both on your website and other strategic places around the web to be effective. SEO doesn’t have a quick payoff, but if done right has an extremely high return on investment over time.

2. Content Creation and Sharing

Content marketing is actually closely related to SEO, but deserves some special attention. Content marketing is based on the idea that when you seek to educate and/or entertain your target audience by providing them with useful written or audiovisual content, they’re more likely to become customers. There’s quite a bit of evidence that the strategy works, too: 61% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a business offering unique content.

Content creation is also one of the most important cornerstones of SEO, because the algorithms that determine search rankings weigh content creation and reputable backlinks (which you get when your content is posted elsewhere online) very highly. That’s why it’s worth outsourcing your company blog and similar projects to a professional SEO company whose writers can craft content that will appeal both to your prospective customers and to search engine bots.

3. Social Media Engagement

Engaging on social media, too, has dual goals. On the one hand, social media is one of the best ways to get your content circulating and earn those all-important reputable backlinks (emphasis on reputable). But on the other, it’s also a way to create a dialogue with customers and engage them with your brand, showing them that you’re more than just another interchangeable service provider.

4. Paid Online Advertising

While there’s more focus on the inbound marketing methods discussed above because inbound marketing tends to offer a lower cost per lead, there’s still a place for paid outbound advertising online. Purchasing banner ads on strategic sites can be effective, but the most common choice is to integrate paid advertising into search engine marketing through platforms such as Google AdWords. This allows you to have links placed in the paid results sections of search engine results pages on a pay-per-click basis. This strategy must be undertaken with care and expert guidance -- between 70% and 80% of the links users click on are organic, and it’s easy to spend quite a bit of money on PPC without seeing a return -- but it can be particularly effective when you’re looking to increase traffic rapidly.

Putting It All Together

Often, the tough part of implementing these strategies is figuring out how much of your overall budget to allot to each -- especially since several are intertwined. The good news is that if you’re already part of an SEO reseller program, you have all the tools and connections to build a great integrated marketing campaign at your fingertips. And by working with experts on your own marketing plan, you’ll also become more knowledgeable and persuasive when it comes to signing on new clients under your brand.

What methods do you think might be most effective for new white label SEO resellers in boosting visibility and bringing in new leads? Discuss your thoughts on online marketing for resellers in the comments.

By: Karleanne Matthews