We had a great customer service call today that I thought others would find interesting. This SEO reseller was setting up our web-to-lead code so that she could track her in-bound leads for both her own search engine marketing business as well as her end-clients. If you have been following our webinars, you know that setting up a web-to-lead form has a few steps, but the reward is having all your sales leads in a single marketing dashboard so that you can track your lead volume over time and benchmark. But this was the question we got today RE: our lead-capture form code:

I want to automatically put a sales lead into an auto-responder / nurture email campaign?

Great idea! Everybody should be doing this! And YES, the Semify SEM portal will help you with this easily. If you don't have the technical specifications sheet for our sales lead form, you should call your Account Manager today and get it. Way down the list of fields you will see that there is an optional field called "Email_List_ID". The purpose for adding this optional field is the use-case we are describing today. If you want the email value entered by the end-user for the sales lead to be automatically placed on a list in our Email Module, include this form field in your HTML and populate the value with the Email_List_ID you want them joined to.

If you plan to use this feature of your SEM portal, you will want to first build an email list to serve as the container for these emails. You should also build a few email templates and email campaigns (type = Auto Responder) so that the new emails joined to the list will get marketing emails from you spread over a reasonable amount of time. Again, your Account Manager would be happy to walk you through these steps and get your email nurture program off-the-ground in a hurry. You can also find more details on how to manage all of these settings in previous blog posts and by watching our Lead Gen 101 and Semify tracking webinars.