When a user sends an email to a certain address, an autoresponder automatically responds back with an e-mail. Companies can use autoresponder software applications to provider users, business leads, and prospective clients with white papers, brochures, and other useful pieces of marketing content that have valuable information about a given industry, a type of product or service, or even about a special offer.

There are many reasons to use an autoresponder, such as:

Beginning to Build Customer Relationships

- Autoresponders can turn the casual visitor of your site into a subscriber by allowing you to collect their information with an online form, and then send them targeted content.

Set Up Follow Ups.

- After acquiring new subscribers, you can use autoresponders to quickly and easily follow up with these prospective leads, a crucial part of the marketing process. After all, it takes several brand exposures to convert a sale. With each follow up email, the lead gets closer to becoming a sale.

Measure the Efficacy of Your Emails.

- Autoresponders also allow you to track your emails' open and click through rates, allowing you to see which emails get people interested, and which ones go straight to the trash bin.

Basically, these email tools generate automatic emails and responses and provide crucial feedback about an email marketing campaign, allowing companies to effectively engage with new and returning customers.