Backlink Analyzer: A backlink analyzer is a free tool that allows users to analyze link anchor text.

Backlinks can increase a page's search engine ranking, but only when they come from reliable or reputable sources. Search engine rankings take quantity of links into account, but they also consider the quality of links. A number of spam links won't be nearly as effective as a link on a major news site, for example.

The backlink analysis tool can compile data about incoming links to a specific page, breaking link sources down by Pagerank values, Domain authority, and link quality. This shows users how their existing links are affecting their own search engine value.

Backlink analyzers also create reports that allow users to analyze their link-building strategy against the strategy of their competitors. Often these reports are structured as easy-to-read graphs and pie charts.

Backlink analyzers also perform thorough text analyses of link anchor text to determine which keywords are most likely to allow a page to rank higher on search engines. This allows users to determine what keywords to focus on moving forward.

Essentially, backlink analyzers are a tool for companies to evaluate their current links and decide where to seek new links.