Whether you are looking to gain new prospects or engage current clients, email marketing is the simplest way to do that. Most people feel emailing is a product of the past, the truth is, email is still the product of the present and of the future. Since the development of smartphones and tablets, emails have become more easily accessible for the business person on the move. We want to exhibit the benefits, effectiveness and ease of email marketing, to create successful business relationships.

Get Personal to Find Success with Email Marketing

Online marketing has become a crowded field over the last five years. Content, more than anything else, has taken the crown as the most important online marketing tool out there -- you only need to read through a couple reputable search engine marketing websites to find the truth of that.

Here’s the thing: content marketing is extremely important for marketing success. That’s only if it doesn’t come at the expense of other cost-effective marketing tools. Email marketing -- yes, you read that right -- remains one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s belt, yet too often, it’s ignored in favor of social media and other forms of content marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

In a nutshell, businesses should be putting real effort into their email campaigns because email is a simple, affordable way to maintain continuous contact with current clientele, not to mention prospective customers. Whether it’s a new product or service, a limited-time promotion, a reminder of an ongoing campaign, or a simple “thank you for your business” message, email is the best way to get it out there.

A Simple, Effective Way to Gain Ground in the Mobile Market

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of making a go of email marketing is increasing your ability to tap into the mobile market. At last check, mobile is on track to grow 19.3% in 2014, and that’s after the astounding growth of 39.2% in 2013. Just as internet and technology usage overall are switching to the mobile sphere, so, too, is email becoming a predominantly mobile activity, with at least 50% of all marketing emails opened in 2013 accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

The trick lies in the fact that, according to Semify, most mobile users prefer to communicate via email, even when compared to texting and using social media. Whereas 13% of mobile users say they’d prefer to send a Tweet or Facebook message to get in touch with their personal contacts, 45% of those polled say that email is still the preferred way of communicating on a personal level.

Static, Mass-Produced Email is Not Going to Get You Anywhere

Now, the word “personal” has popped up a few times, and that’s with good reason. Consumers like email that speaks specifically to them. That’s why 62% of marketers say that personalized email is crucial to the success of this form of marketing. If you can personalize subject lines for different customers and find a way to make them feel as though each email is speaking specifically to them, you can keep the relationship between your business and consumers personal, and that leads directly to an increase in leads and, if you keep at it, in sales.

What Does Email Marketing Success Look Like?

You could read an exhaustive list of all the benefits of making a personalized email marketing campaign a priority, but in the end, none of it will matter if you don’t know that turning to email means getting more back than you’re putting in. On average, a business that effectively uses email as a marketing tool can expect to see ROI of $44.25 per $1 spent. In other words, even when compared to some of the most successful social media campaigns to date, a personalized email service simply can’t be beat.