Why the Semify private label seo program? When considering a private label seo program, you want a company that's got industry expertise, technical specialization, and an economy of scale. At Semify, we have all this and more. Watch the video to learn more about what to look for in private label seo and what Semify can add to your business.


Hello, and welcome to our Private Label SEO video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. Were talking about SEO today, and particularly agencies and web design firms that have a client base, and those clients are asking them to deliver SEO services. And they realize that maybe they've tried it and it hasn't worked well, or they realize they're over their heads. That's where they go looking for a partner to outsource to or partner with to deliver SEO. And they invariably end up looking for private label SEO resellers, SEO resellers. So our topic for conversation today is why is the Semify private white label SEO reseller program so extraordinary?

Yeah, great question, and a couple very easy answers on that. I think the first one is industry expertise. And so a lot of the people that come to us are jacks of all trades, and they're looking for someone who really is in the weeds and really understands SEO very well. And so we're able to bring not only a person, but a team of people who are experts in SEO, and especially in content marketing. And so that's something that's really one of the first reasons, when you're looking at private label SEO, is to get a team that you can trust.

And I think a lot of these agencies and web dev guys know that, because they've probably tried SEO. And maybe it did even work for a while. But they're probably realizing things have changed. Words like content marketing weren't use in the conversation with SEO just a few years ago. So that's probably why they're reaching out, looking for private label solutions.

Absolutely. And I think in terms of that team, the next thing that you want to look at is that when you outsource to a company like Semify, you're getting economies of scale. And so we struggled with this in the early days, is basically to have a full-time resource that's just focus on writing, or is just focused on finding places to syndicate content is really expensive. But when you're operating at scale, you can put a team of people on that, and it really brings the cost down and makes it more affordable-- and again, makes it more effective.

Yeah, that's an excellent point. I mean, just this morning, Chad, we were in the conference room in the Rochester office with Semify writers. We had 14 writers in the room talking about doing a seminar on how to write punchy titles. That's just something-- as your little shop, you can't afford to have that kind of staff and be doing training and ongoing process improvement like we can do, since we have a economy of scale. Absolutely. And I think one of the things you get with economies of scale is that we also bring technical specialization or technical resources to SEO. So we've built a whole dashboard reporting tool that does two things. One is that it gives great reporting for your clients. But also, from a reliability standpoint, we've built a lot of workflow in so that you know what work is going on. It's all very transparent. All of our team is organized and getting the work done that we've signed up to do for you. And that's something that, again, you get with our private label SEO service.

So what you're really saying is by joining a private label SEO program, you're sort of joining a co-op. Because you're talking about expertise, human resources, and technology deployment, none of which would have been possible on your own. But when you're working cooperatively with other folks, pooling their resources, they can just get a lot farther than they could.

Yep. Absolutely. And I think the final point on private label SEO and why to choose the Semify private label seo program is that because we're here in the US, we're working during the hours that you're working. It's very easy to get in touch with us. And I think that's something that in this day and age, when you have clients that have tough questions or need someone to be there, we're going to be there for you. We've got a very organized team that can support you as you need to be supported.